Is My Scale Broken OR Is It The Floor?

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  1. Hey so I wanted opinions on if I should get a new scale or not... my current scale I've had for only maybe 3-4 years?

    I step on it 3-4 times each weigh-in. The first weight is usually a up to 2 pounds off. I step off then step back on twice. Most of the time the 2nd and 3rd weigh-in are the same and I record that one, but sometimes the 2nd and 3rd are different (from even the first reading) but then the 3rd and 4th are the same and that's what I record.

    We have a bathroom that doesn't have any floorspace near the wall (that's where I always weighed for years, with the scale a few inches from the wall. But our new place is a long and slender bathroom compared to the bathrooms I had before that were square, so my only option is to put the scale (that I store flat under the sink) one "square" (tiled squares on floor) from the door. The house is really old though and the bathroom has spots that are a bit wonky on the floor... like it dips in a bit just in front of the toilet (which would be my only other "near a wall" space to weigh myself) and the bathtub has a hump to it... from what I can tell the floor where I put the scale isn't distorted at all but that doesn't necessarily mean it is...

    Just wondering if I could get other people's opinions?

    New scale or should I find a new place to weigh myself? Our place is carpeted everywhere but the kitchen, bathroom, and garage.
  2. Feel like this should be the title of a fucked up game show
    “Scaaaale....or the Floooorr????”
    Sorry lol

    My scale is always off a bit. Think it’s the floor of the bathroom. I just make sure I put it in the same place every time so it’s consistent, even if it’s a tiny bit off.
  3. If the scale wobbles when you step on - it needs a new area

    If you get a new scale - get one with a smaller platform base - the big wide ones will wobble more
    Personally I like to keep at least two scales so I would buy a new one and see what the difference is between the two.
    You could also check the accuracy by:
  4. I have the same issues at the moment. New place and the scales are wonky. All of them. Like, I went to my old place to "steal" my old scale from my Ex just to try this one too, and it too gives completely inconsistent readings in the new place. Picture me, sneaking out of my Ex' place with a scale. Then picture me sneaking back in with the same scale, putting it back, stripping naked and weighing myself then and there. Bam...consistent, perfect, reproducible reading. I am insane.

    Okay in all seriousness: One thing you could try is replacing the batteries if they are getting old already. Otherwise the only thing you can do is really finding the least horrible spot on the floor and just leaving it in exactly that spot and hope for consistent readings. I doubt a new scale will help because of the story of my scale stealing. ;)
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  5. I also live in a wonky house with 100 year old floors. I weigh in 3 separate spots and average the measurement. It still irks me but it's the best I got.
  6. I do this too. I move it around the whole room and average it
  7. Could be the floor. Grab something that has its weight listed and step on. So if you grab something that's 5 lbs your weight should be up 5 lbs. Test at different spots to find the most accurate spot
  8. This made me laugh (not at you, my obsessive nature). I buy a scale every 6-12 months because I'm afraid it's inaccurate

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  9. I second this.

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    Place the scale, press the scale sides if they wobble with that lil shakey booty move then its uneven. Find an even spot. When you find that even spot get something that you know that weighs that amount correctly. For example, put a weight thats 10lbs on the scale. If it pops up even 10.01 or 10.06 its not accurate, so you subtract off that extra amount so it'll be more accurate, problem solved. :)

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  11. Thx every1. I think finally found the perf spot for best reading. Still feel its off but better than no scale

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