Is the safe food above you a safe food for you?

Discussion in 'Games' started by iconic cunt, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Safe

    Udon noodles?
  2. Not safe

    Tofu ?

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  3. Safe

  4. Not safe. I love it but it's basically a guaranteed binge.

    Wild rice?
  5. Unsafe.

    berry smoothie bowl?
  6. sounds safe

    burrito bowl (no tortilla)
  7. Safe.

    Pasta sauce?
  8. Safe depending on ingredients/calories.

    Lima beans?
  9. Safe!!!

    Chick peas?
  10. Safe.

    Balsamic vinegar?
  11. safe.
    brown rice?
  12. Safe I guess but i don't eat because it feels kind of high calorie for not much of it

    Halo top ice cream (=
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  13. Safe if on a higher restrict day and only once a week.

    Tuna (in water, drained)?
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  14. Not safe (vegetarian)

    Pumpkin seeds?
  15. not safe


    sweet bell pepper (those snack peppers)
  16. Unsafe

    Cheese spread?

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  17. not safe


    cherry tomatoes
  18. Most certainly safe!

    Root vegetables?