Question Is there anywhere that lets people know about Crepes?

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  1. i feel like it’s kind of dead because so few people post regularly in it.

    I’m wondering if this might be because it’s so hidden? It might be good to maybe hide it less now that we are a private forum.

    Otherwise maybe have an announcement? I don’t know. LOL. I just want some crepes action!!
  2. Like... I didn’t even known about crepes until I’d been a member for several weeks but it held a lot of the stuff that I’d joined in the first place for!
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  3. I dont necessarily want to highlight it but maybe I could mention it somewhere. I've thought about making a sort of Introduction to Pancake post that explains us, our culture, and different places to post for newcomers.
  4. Yeah! I think that could be really helpful tbh!
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  5. Sorry if this is a stupid question but do you mean pancakes with crepes? Or something else?
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  6. The crepes forum is basically a sub-forum for hardcore ed behavior and discussion.
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  7. Oh okay, thanks a million!
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  8. I completely forgot Crepes existed because it's so out of sight
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  9. Me on a daily basis
  10. I've been more active on the crêpes forum bc this thread reminded me of it lol

    It's one of my fav forums tbh
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  11. mood and mood
  12. Yeah I hadn't heard about it until like a month ago and I needed it so bad!!
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  13. I think a guide to what sort of content can be posted in which part of the forum is a good idea. I’m noticing a lot of stuff just being dumped in ED general despite better homes being on offer :)
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