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  1. Just feeling that my post above wasn't clear enough, so here are the criteria for being at risk of refeeding syndrome:

    There are clear risk factors for refeeding syndrome. You may be at risk if one or more of the following statements apply to you:

    • You have a body mass index (BMI) under 16.
    • You’ve lost more than 15 percent of your body weight in the past 3 to 6 months.
    • You’ve taken in little to no food for the past 10 or more consecutive days.
    • A blood test has revealed your serum phosphate, potassium, or magnesium levels are low.
    You may also be at risk if two or more of the following statements apply to you:

    • You have a BMI under 18.5.
    • You’ve lost more than 10 percent of your body weight in the past 3 to 6 months.
    • You’ve taken in little to no food for the past 5 or more consecutive days.
    • You have a history of alcoholism or use of certain drugs, such as insulin, chemotherapy drugs, diuretics, or antacids.
  2. btw alice Olivia is a rly good yputuber to prove that you can need a lot of food without getting fat and look good and have a good life and all that stuff
  3. also thermogetic effect of food so i think carbs are 20% so if you have 500g carbs 500x0,2=100x4= 400 calories burned +you feel more energetic so you act more energetic doing your normal stuff so you burn Even more
  4. Refeeding syndrome has nothing to do with reverse dieting

    That being said I am thankful I never had issues with refeeding syndrome although my weight was quite low when I got in IP (BMI 10.9)

  5. Still, it should to be a consideration for anyone who has been restricting or purging most of their intake for a while, especially anyone who is underweight, if they're going to do reverse dieting.
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  6. I don't understand this. Because whenever I try to eat more and let my metabolism catch up, I just gain a bunch of real weight. When I was underweight and tried to recover the first time, I ate a lot and was hungry all the time...thought it was hyper metabolism, but I just gained a bunch of weight lol.
  7. I wish I knew the answer :( but you will gain weight at the beginning. Idk I never experienced hypermetabolism, but I did go from maintaining on 1500 to maintaining on 2100. Do you have a doctor or nutritionist to help you?
    I’m sorry, I don’t know enough to tell you exactly, trust me I wish I did know exactly what to do...

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  8. I started from 10.9 bmi and gained almost 2kg during the first two weeks when I went from my lowest intake 2000 calories to 3000 calories

    But after that, it was very slow

    They upped my calories to almost 4000 beflre I started very slowly gaining

    Now I am 14,5 - 15 bmi depending on the day with 4000-4500
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  9. You got down to a BMI of 10.9 without ever going below 2000 calories? Are you working out a ton or do you have really fast metabolism?
  10. Yes

    And based on your post, I assume you have never been at similar BMI?

    I couldn't even walk properly at that point so no, I did not exercise a ton
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  11. Sheer curiosity at the surprisingly high metabolic rate and pondering other causes rather than just assuming fast metabolism. Everyone’s body has a different tolerance of how much it can withstand at any particular BMI, which is why there are extreme examples where people continue to exercise at extremely BMIs, whereas other people become completely physically compromised at relatively “healthier” BMIs.
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    Re-feeding syndrome and extreme hunger is really interesting. When I first started recovery extreme hunger hit me like a freight train (seriously though if you feel like you're at high risk of re-feeding syndrome or your extreme hunger is causing distress see a doctor it can be very, very dangerous). I gained dozens of lbs in a few months on a small amount of food. I thought I killed my metabolism and that it would never stop. :) Happy to report tho that I'm eating three times that amount and am maintaining a healthy weight. But that initial process was scary. The human body is incredible with how it can modify biological processes to facilitate the healing process.
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  13. So basically refeeding syndrome is gaining weight on really low intake so our body can store energy for another emergency? Sounds like starvation syndrome no one believes in.

    Also congrats on your recovery :) Wish you all the best!
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    Kind of! I wonder though if it's the same process or a similar one, since I know usually starvation syndrome is used in the context of restriction, whereas extreme hunger is in the context of eating. Still sounds like the underlying cause though is metabolic function after a period of unusual eating activity. And aww thank you so much <3
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  15. is that refeeding syndrome? I thought refeeding syndrome was your potassium/phosphorous going out of whack
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  16. You're right! I completely mixed up the terms. I believe it's better to describe my experience as "extreme hunger", then, since my potassium wasn't too off (although it was something that was monitored). I will modify the original post; thank you! :)
  17. Mind blowing for sure

    Been averaging well over 4200 on training days and around 3600 on rest days and I have lost weight

    Not complaining though because I feel good and still making progress in the gym
  18. lmao i think my tracker was tracking me wrong and i gained a lot

    Anyways cool for those who can eat A lot
  19. I think it has a LOT to do with nutrient timing and food choices

    Prioritizing carbs peri workout and eating less carbs on rest days helps with metabolic flexibility

    Focusing on digestion is also one major key to being able to eat a lot
  20. Yeah carbs def speed up your metabolism and theyre the key to a good workout for sure

    I do eat a lot but im pretty active and eat foods to speed up my metabolism all the time lol
    And my digestion is on point im vvvv proud
    also cacao powder is good for metabolism and digestion lol