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    So much to relate to on here, at least it's got some humor.
  2. Feeling terrible because you currently use plastic bags to purge into, and you feel super guilty for contributing to trashing the earth. And so you wonder, does it become a multi-purpose bag, if you use it for c/s and then for purging later??? Or does that just make you super scummy??? Either way, I feel like a bad person
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  3. Eating alot then realising you cant purge it.

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  4. Idk if this is just me but when i first started purging i hated the smell of sick (its still not particularly nice) but it would actually make me sick without me forcing myself.

    Happens occasionally now but i feel like im slightly used to the smell

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  5. here i am bloated to hell looking like garbage and ordering more mcdonald’s than one human should reasonably consume in their entire lifetime and my doordash driver ends up being super fucking hot. i want death LOL

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  6. I just ate 2 full-size bags of sun chips with no water and then purged everything and almost blacked out from the effort. My face is so swollen.
  7. Purged in bathroom two times in 10 minutes, didn’t want to be suspicious. Purged into a ziplock, hid it in my overnight duffel. Scared of it leaking, put it in another bag (a dentist gift baggie, the only one available at past midnight) and hide it in duffel again. Bag leaks overnight anyway. Wash my jeans in the sink (vomit got on them) and dry them on the warm air vent. Have the vomit in the ziplock, the dentist baggie, and two grocery bags because one had a hole. Still in my duffel, don’t know when I can throw it away.

    TL;DR The stress of having to hide purge bags
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    constantly having vom splashes on your glasses
  9. This is so like real ahah
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  10. Getting drool running off your hand and up your nose. Such glam, much wow
  11. telling your boyfriend you have diarrhea bc you want to purge in peace
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  12. i fucking hate purging. lately while purging i’ve had vivid fantasies of taking a giant ladle and just scooping the contents of my stomach out and being done in 10 seconds. i can only dream i guess

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  13. yall ever had to shit and purge at the same time? happens every now and then and its the ultimate show down of my disease and my natural bodily functions
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    i have never done it before but i want to eat a whole pizza. i literally can’t stop thinking about it. i don’t have the money to buy an entire pizza, and the pizza in my college dining hall is buffet style so it would be kind of shitty of me to take every piece at once and there’s no way i can slowly take each piece without getting up like 8 times, so that’s out of the question. pizza is also really hard to purge, but the binge monster in me just really wants to see if i could do it.

    edit: realized why i want to do this, the guy who traumatized me once absentmindedly ate a whole pizza while we watched TV. i love discovering new ways my brain has decided to cope

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  15. No, thank god, but I have farted
    So it's only a matter of time

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  16. i was b/ping on a giant plate of nachos & watching Dr Phil and the commercial for a dog's journey came on and i cried
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  17. Wondering where the hell that color comes from
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  18. Am I the only one that always needs to pee during purging? I guess it just kinds puts a pressure on the whole body and thus I then get the feeling to pee but EVERY FREAKING TIME. And then I don't know if I just first finish purging and being afraid I would pee my pants or clean my hands, pee, and then continue to purge which also seems like so much hassle.