laser epilation

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  1. did anyone try that? what are your thoughts and recommendations?

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  2. I had it done on my eyebrows cuz I got sick of plucking the unibrow (no shit). Had to stop halfway because of acne treatment so there are still some hairs. It pretty much feels like a tattoo if you have one (not a super painful tattoo), if it hurts a lot they set it too high, don't let them tell you otherwise, just go to a different clinic or you will get burns if they do this. The result really is permanent but you might grow new hairs in those places eventually due to hormonal change, as it only destroys the hairs that were already there, it doesn't prevent your body from creating new hairs. Your body doesn't really create new hairs a lot, it's usually a symptom of something else. For example some fuzz might occur when you're menopausal (not that I am lol it's what they told me). Or go on a different pill (if you are biologically female, though trans people go through much more extreme hormonal changes and it's up to the doctor to decide when it is time for laser)
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    im a hairy Italian with PCOS, i actually was given a series of laser hair removal session for my sideburns as my graduation present. the results are great but it took a full year of sessions for enough hair follicles to die to see a difference. the light can only kill the follicles in one phase of development, hair has 3 phases so its a game of chance how many hairs at a given time are in the right one.
    worth the cost IMHO. i used to have to shave my face every other day to avoid looking like a boy now i just get the odd hair here and there so i just pluck

    later on my mom found an at home laser so i use that off and on now. the professional one works way better but the one i have has made a dent in my leg hairs slowly. its sorta funny, i have big patches that never grow hair now so when i forget to shave i look like i have a condition or something XD

    as for pain, the at home one feels like a jolt of static or like someone snapped a rubber band on you. not too bad
    the professional one was a bit more intense, closer to rubber band snap verging on a pinch. nothing too bad, after your skin will feel a bit hot and i found that more uncomfortable then the actual session
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  4. I am considering this, but I only found a very small number of places that have lasers suitable for dark skinned people. I'm really really selfconscious to go, the people they show on their homepage to demonstrate the process are already completely smooth, slim and blonde. Why can't they show pictures of somebody remotely hairy, dark-haired and remotely not-a-model to make this a bit easier on me? I don't even dare to make an appointment and that is despite my body hair really bothering me a lot. It's dark and it grows on my legs (even a few hairs on my freaking toes!), arms, lower back, stomach (ugh...) and recently even on my chin so I really feel like I have to get this done.

    The place that I found offers a full body package for 1200 Euro...but...does that involve just 1 treatment, or multiple treatments? Cause I can affort 1200 easily, but 1200*6 or even 1200*8 is way over my budget...
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  5. Hi, it's me again. Just to let you know that I got an appointment at the place that I deemed to be "the best" in my city, the one that looked most professional, had detailed info on their homepage and looked like I would feel comfortable there.
    The appointment will be in a week, next Friday, and they will thorougly assess my skin and hair (no shaving before so that they can see the thickness and structure of the hair) and then make a plan for me which will also include the estimated number of treatments and the final price. I'm now really nervous about this, it has been on my mind for years but I feel like I'm springing into action super quickly now. I just hope I don't go there and they laugh me out because my skin or hair or both are unsuitable :emoji_disappointed_relieved: :emoji_cold_sweat::emoji_cold_sweat:

    If you are interested I will let my hair grow in a bit and take a "before" picture of one region of my leg, and then keep sending you progress pictures as the treatments progress.
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  6. oh yes that's great! I wish you the best!

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  7. unfortunately it is harder for the light to work on more pigmented skin tones, i wish you luck. i know the treatment is possible on dark tones but the "ideal patient" (aka easiest people to treat) have more dark pigment in the hair and less in the skin. i believe it is easier for the light to reach the follicles in less melanistic skin.
    For the consult i can see why they would want to see it grown out however when/if you do get treatments just know that the more hair is out of the skin.... the worse it will smell.... and burning hair is such a bad smell >.<
  8. My hair is much darker than my skin so I hope it’s fine. They specifically mention on their site that their lasers also work for light hair and/or darker skin.

    For the actual treatment all regions that I want treated have to be freshly shaved :)
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    I've thought about laser hair removal too... Like I have really dark and thick body hair all over that grows back super quickly. Even on my toes and fingers lol. Makes me look quite manly. I stopped shaving so I'm just wearing long clothes.
    I used to use those chemical shaving creams and they worked well... but like an hour later regrowing hair started poking and itching everywhere.
    Well I'm really broke so I'm not sure whether to save up more and get professional treatment or just get the newest thing from Braun and pray :(
  10. I really relate to the annoyance of basically constantly being stubbly except right after (max an hour after) hair removal.

    You could look into sugaring for hair removal. It’s a bit messy and takes a bit of practicing to do right, but you can buy or make your own paste quite cheaply. It just takes sooo long to get done. But at least because you also get the roots out, the hair doesn’t grow back as quickly. However, for me it didn’t work well, just too much/too thick hair.

    By the newest thing from braun do you mean an epilator? With those I constantly had ingrown hair, it was a complete nightmare. And it hurt so badly, the skin is red an blotchy for hours afterwards. Maybe it would have gotten better if I’d stuck through with it, I don’t know.

    I have my appointment at the laser hair removal place tomorrow, I’m super excited. Hopefully all goes well and I can start the treatments soon after.

  11. I heard about it before but was too scared to try... But I'll look into it and maybe have my partner help me if it's too hard and painful haha...

    Nah I'm talking those IPL things. Supposedly they can also help to stop your hair from regrowing but most reviews are like "oh I didn't try for long, I don't know if it works long term".

    Anyway, definitely report back about the price and all, I found a place that would for example do the legs for 200Euros which would be affordable if it was all I had to pay but paying 200 for every session... I mostly want the dark hair on my arms gone, I can handle the rest with shaving amybe. Would be a dream to have hairless arms!
    Good luck for tomorrow :emoji_two_hearts: