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Low Restriction low cal energy drinks

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by softboi, Feb 8, 2019.


do you like caffeine while you're fasting?

  1. hellooo yes it gets me thru my dayyy

  2. oi mate i cant feel u there

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  1. yooo i need some recommendations on energy drinks, i usually love a cup of coffee but i cannot stand black coffee and its just too many calories rn so does anyone know any good LOW CALORIE drinks? i remember the sugar free agave berry red bull was gross asf but i havent tried any others
  2. Energy drinks and fasting are not the best idea. Ideal would be to avoid caffeine all together while fasting, but it can make people really sick to go cold turkey.
    Do you like tea at all?
    Steeped tea has less calories than energy drinks too.
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  3. Monster Zero gets me through life. But there are 10 cals in a can, so I wouldn't consider that a proper 'fast'.
  4. Monster Ultra / Zero Ultra are low cal. Rockstar Sugar Free / Zero Carb, too. Some of the Rockstars have way more caffeine than the rest/Monster (240mg-300mg compared to 160mg)

    An energy drink while fasting isn't ideal though since it can really screw you up while fasting. For me it's like I have constant anxiety, - my heart beating fast, panicking for no reason, shaking, etc etc. Be careful if you have one while fasting.
  5. i super appericate the warning but i love that feeling of hype while im fasting ukno
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  6. honestly same I'm such a hypocrite lmao. Just wanted to mention it since some people underestimate how caffeine can affect them when fasting. Still be careful though! :emoji_hearts:
  7. 0 cal monsters are my favorite, also other 0 cal energy drinks. Also bai antioxidant infusion drinks are good, they taste really good to me, I prefer the cocofusion ones. Sparkling ice is good, it's sparkling water but it's good imo. And obviously tea and coffee.
  8. But that is true for all drinks that are not water. Rule of thumb is to count every glass of non-water beverage as 5 kcal.
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  9. Other than what's been mentioned you can try 5 hour energy shots. They're small so not ideal if you're looking for something to actually sip on for a while and enjoy, but they're 4 calories and will supply you with caffeine.
  10. Monster zero ultra red, blue, or purple
    Rockstar pure zero is good especially silver ice

    I wish there was a 0 calorie version of NOS :(

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  11. Sugar free Redbull is the BEST, but i wouldn't recommended drinking that or any energy drink when fasting. It's not really good for your stomach.

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  12. rockstar zero calorie, monster zero, zero cal redbull
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  13. I used to only drink zero cal rockstars but now I love Bangs! They are also zero cal

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  14. bang and black coffees are great

    peach red bull is pretty good too but higher cal
  15. Zevia!! Sugar free and 0 calories!! It tastes amazing (a lot like dr. Pepper) and has caffeine! It gives me so much energy

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  16. With the understanding that basically all things (especially 0 calorie bullshit) have about 10-35 calories per can- and being willing to accept that in order to have my caffiene,

    I love the low calorie monsters. Like sure some of them suck but they have these Rehab tea ones that are occasionally sublime. I got the white monsters recently (mentioned above too) because another friend of mine loves them and tbh not bad at all.
  17. Bang has a lot of nice low-cal flavours. I've tried the cotton candy and black cherry vanilla so far. I think the black cherry vanilla is my favourite low-cal energy drink flavour EVER (and I've tried all the Monsters and Red Bull), and the cotton candy wasn't too bad, though kind of weird. There's this sour candy flavour they have that is supposedly really good, if you like those kinds of candy.
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  18. Monster zero ultra black is amazing, if you like cherry flavoured stuff!