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Low(ish) calorie sweets suggestions

Discussion in 'EDNOS/OSFED' started by iconic cunt, May 28, 2018.

  1. Enlighted (90 cal) Ice Cream bars, and Yasso (100 cal) Frozen Greek Yogurt bars. Just tried some today.

    Also, Fiber One has some new flavors for their 90 cal brownies.
  2. So I'm kind of a sugar addict and eat way too much junk for the amount of calories I consume BUT this means I am here for some tips!

    Oreos: Listen. I fucking love these things and everyone knows I love these things so I get them or someone surprises me with them whenever a new flavor comes out. 2 for about 120-140 cals depending on the flavor, Oreo Thins are delicious and you can have 4 for the same cals.
    Dried Fruit: It obvs depends on what type of fruit but you can get an awful lot of sweetness out of very few pieces. I just got some crystallized ginger slices and it's about 100 cals per 4 slices. Ginger is a unique taste though so def make sure you like them before buying.
    Lindor Truffles: if you're craving chocolate 1 milk chocolate truffle is about 73 calories. It's a lot for such a small piece but all varieties are super rich and flavorful so it satisfies a lot of my cravings. Dark and white are about the same (all around the 70-80 cal mark)
    Otter Pops: This is the brand name for those popsicles that come in tubes it'll probably be different depending on the region or whatever. BUT the kind I have is 15 cals for one popsicle!! This is A+ on a hot day.
    Apples with dip: Caramel dipping sauce is 65 calories per tablespoon and cream cheese fruit dip is 35 calories per tablespoon. If you're desperate you can eat the dip on its own. This is a judge free area. (Also if you like cinnamon pour some on the apples it is heavenly.)
    Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cups: I've only seen these at walmart (it's their Great Value brand) but it's a bunch of little cups of ice cream and each cup is 100 calories. It comes with some sprinkles and little bits of frosting and I love them.
    Hershey's Kisses: A lone Kiss is 22 calories! Different flavors tend to float around this area unless they're filled. However, I have a v difficult time only eating only one or five or 39 of these things. Probably not universal but just in case, be careful.
    Tea: Again, this is v v dependent on whatever kind you get but DESSERT TEAS EXIST AND THEY'RE WONDERFUL! Adagio is my go-to site and you can get some really wonderful teas for negligible calories.
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  3. I usually have an oreo or 1 square of dark chocolate. Otherwise I'll make chai with cinnamon, splenda, and a splash of milk.
  4. Granola bars
    Special K brownies
    Fat free/sugar free yoghurt
    Sugar free jello
    Rice krispie treats

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  5. Strawberry wafers are low cal and aMaZiNg but it's a food I can binge on easily or C/S so I haven't had em in years.
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  6. For all those upset about Halo top: try enlightened ice cream!!! If you can find it, they have some really tasty flavors for only 240 unlike the new halo tops. They taste a hell of a lot better (thicker, creamier) and have more protien and fiber. Enlightened is my go to low calorie sweet stuff. A couple of spoonfulls does the job, and it tastes great.

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  7. Lotus Biscoff used to be an big safe food (I eat healthy now though so not anymore)

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  8. so delicious coconut milk ice cream sandwiches (the mini ones) are 80cal (the regular sized ones are like 100)

    there’s an almond milk variety too that are 90 or 100?
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  9. Aldi sell milk chocolate covered rice cakes. They are 81kcal per cake. I like to break one into tiny pieces and stir that into Aldi's fat free greek yogurt (67kcal/100g, I usually have 30-40g) if I'm just fancying a sweet snack, or with a piece of chopped up fruit as a desert. Half a small baked sweet potato dusted with sweet spices (ginger, cinnamon, whatever takes your fancy) with a tiny bit of honey and a dollop of fat free yogurt is a nice warm desert or breakfast. I *MAY* have a digestive biscuit if the OH buys them, but I try to avoid them as it's way too easy to binge on biscuits... If I want something frozen then frozen pomegranate seeds are pretty unbeatable and very low calorie (83kcal/ 100g)
  10. Sugar free lifesavers are 4 for 30 calories, 150 for the entire bag.

    So Delicious just came out with low calorie ice cream that’s 300-330 per pint, but it’s way better than normal low calorie ice cream and actually filling. It honestly tastes like their normal ice cream.

    I heat up almond milk with vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg and add a tiny spoonful of 0 calorie sweetener. Idk what to call it but it’s really good and the warmth fills you up.

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  11. sugar free werther's originals are my saving grace. they're 10cals individually, but the serving size is 5 which is still only about 50cals
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  12. these are SO good! and sugar-free lifesavers! <3
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  13. mentos in general, the "pure fresh" ones i like a hella lot, since they're so fucking strong and discourage me from eating sweets compulsively. They're "less than 5 calories" a piece so i end up eating like 8 through the day. these fuckers have really helped me with fasting like holy crap.

    and yeah, there's no sugar in them, so like, yay.
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  14. sugar-free hard candies are bomb, the tropical flavors & the chocolate flavors are great when I want something sweet
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  15. I usually have stuff like fibre one brownies, mini pots of Häagen-Das, those 10p mini packs of Haribo, popcorn, kids fruit snacks (like fruit winders or bear sweets) & Muller light yogurts.

    These range from 50-250 calories
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