Trigger Warning Model/Actor-Weight/BMI

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  2. What kind of a height system is that I'm confused
  3. I think it's in just inches. Like "67" means 5 feet 7 inches.
  4. Ah thank you. my european brain would've never figured that out :emoji_sweat_smile:
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  5. Damn this is good triggering shit
  6. So, this is 90s era Tyra Banks? Because she's not a BMI 14.64 anymore
  7. Yeah and considering which actresses they chose to list, I'm thinking all this data is from somewhere around 1998 to 2001. Not sure how it ended up on Google Drive but definitely seems like old info. Still interesting tho.
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  8. I don't even think she was that thin in 1998?

    I honestly never would have put her at 14s she struggled with her body type (from her: I believe in Antm she told the girl (s) that she struggled to be what the industry demanded body wise and used her then secured notoriety to branch off into other fields where ultimate skinny body wasn't a demand)

    from me: I always saw her as yes very thin and gorgeous but more in the 16s kind of thin at her peak pro model only days

    Of course I'm not model stats guru so I could be off but 14s startled me as I never would have guess Tyra that small

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  9. It could be her height is inflated because that’s normal for models. I could see her being in the 15s back when she was a teen

  10. I'm surprised at the BMI for male models. I don't know who any of them are so I guess maybe they're jacked?
  11. Somehow I'm skeptical these numbers are accurate. It reminds me of how basketball players exaggerate their heights for their "official" stats.
  12. It doesn't seem incredibly accurate, on either side of the range really.
    It could have just been a guestimate someone put together for a paper, I don't know.
    I found some of it quite shocking. Especially those that have curves being so low.
    Tho I do believe BMI is a poor calculation as everyone varies in muscle mass etc that don't factor in to our actual mass.

    I think water displacement graphs would be a more interesting and accurate source of information.
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  13. I looked up Tyra Banks' height + weight and it put her at a BMI of 20... kind of odd, but there you have it.
  14. Oh shit yeah! Wow... I've never seen her at that age/weight

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  15. oh yeah the things you find online are seldom accurate. I tried looking up Ellen page’s stats today and it said she was 106? At 5’1? There’s no fucking way lmao, I am half a foot taller and there is no way in hell she is within 10 lbs of me. Try the low 90s, tops.