NSAIDs - Ibuprofen / co-codamol weight gain!?!?

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  1. Will I gain weight ???! Do they make you gain weight???!! Help please I’ve got severe toothache and I may need to turn to painkillers to get me through the pain but I need to know will they make me gain weight ?!

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  2. no.

    take your meds, they dont have calories (i swear i will fight anyone who tries to say otherwise, stop scaring people)
  3. I’ve heard people say anti inflammatory pills make you gain weight I just needed to get it out there - but thank u for your response :’)

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  4. Nah, pain pills in my experience don't make you gain weight. I've never heard of it happening and I've never had it happen to me. Anti-inflammatory meds would flush your body of fluid (inflammation) and could possibly make you lose water weight (probably not much, though). Some meds can make you gain weight (you should still take them, though) but pain pills don't really seem to have that effect.
  5. Take your medications as prescribed.

    If it makes you feel any better, I take 600mg ibuprofen frequently due to joint issues and migraines and I never notice any weight gain/bloating/etc.
  6. I take ibuprofen pretty much every day for chronic pain and it hasn't made me gain any weight. Kind of the reverse, actually, because I can be more active when I don't hurt as much and end up burning more calories.
  7. Ibuprofen doesn't make you gain weight. It can make you retain water temporarily at most but that usually is a sign your kidneys are not doing so great.

    CO-Codamol can cause constipation which may give you a false higher number on the scale until you are free and clear.

    are you going to the dentist?
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  8. My kidneys are fucked so yes for me, probably no for a healthy person :)
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  9. ibuprophen has no effect on my weight and i take it quite often, and they definitely dont have calories the only medicine that has calories is syrups, and even medicines that do effect metabolism or hunger levels would only have a noticeable effect over a few days at minimum and from your post it sounds like you almost never take this.
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  10. No, pain medication such as those won't affect your weight. However, in order to take them safely, you need to take them with a light snack or glass of milk. If you are restricting, please, for the sake of your health make sure that some of your food is consumed at medication time.
  11. Yeah i have a dentist appointment booked for Monday but only an X-ray so I’m guessing it’ll be sorted by the end of the week. So no more than a week on painkillers

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  12. Good! Maybe they will even fix it on monday if its a simple cavity. Topically anbesol works really well. Tastes terrible but it helped me get rid of that body anxiety that was coming from my dental pain.