Period weight questions

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  1. put all your knowledge about period weight change here:
    how many days before your period does your "weight" change drastically on the scale?
    how much do you normally seem to "gain" during your period?
    is it true you burn more calories on your period?
    when are you your regular weight again after?
  2. Gained 7 pounds before my period came (about a week) eating under tdee the whole time.
    Dropped 5lbs when my period came and it's slowly coming off. (day 3)
    I used to wear a fitbit 24/7 only taking it off for short charging intervals whenever I showered. I never burned more calories on my period, or it was too little to notice. If anything it would have been 70 calories tops because I noticed literally no drastic change.
  3. Also probably gained so much because I was drinking like 2 cups of water the week prior to my period and your body stores onto water so it can actually deal with the period. So I was def dehydrated. Don't recommend. I'm not bloated rn though, like I'm still a bit up from my period but I can't see a difference when I take photos and compare so It's not that bad
  4. I usually gain 1-4 pounds while restricting, and even more when not restricting. I start slowly gaining 1-2 weeks before my period starts, reach the maximum on the first day of my period and then lose all of it by the 1st-3rd day of my period. If I’m restricting my weight will be lower than it was before because period weight gain doesn’t mean I’m not losing fat at the same time, so my overall trend will be downwards.
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  5. Usually 5 days before my period begins is when my weight can change.

    I'll either maintain no matter what, or lose slowly (like 0.2 a day) before my weight goes up. It used to go up 5lbs, but now it's maybe 1-3lbs.

    I don't think I burn more calories on my period. The only sense that happens for me is working out/walking more as that can help with my cramps sometimes. Naturally, though? I doubt it.

    Usually the second day of my period, my weight will be what it should be.
  6. I gain water weight shortly before ovulation, not my period. The water weight stays until the day I get my period, then I start dropping it like crazy. I'm not sure how much I gain -- I don't weigh myself consistently and I'm bulimic anyway so b/p puts me on an eternal water retention/dehydration roller coaster so it's hard to tell exactly. I've heard that you burn more calories during ovulation and your period because your BMR increases, but I don't believe it. For me most of the bad menstrual cycle related things come from ovulation, and when I get my period they go back to normal. Ovulation causes a severe spike in depression, makes it extremely difficult to control my appetite, and increases the amount I b/p a whole lot. I hate my ovaries so damn much.
  7. I gain weight a few days before I get my period and then the weight leaves usually a day into the period. The amount I gain varies but usually about 2-3 lbs, which feels pretty scary when I forget my period is coming up.
  8. My weight usually goes up like 6lbs and drops again around the 3rd day/5 when it gets a bit lighter. I get sooo bloated
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  9. I don't ever drink water tbh and when i do its sips or me chugging it down. I weighed myself twice while on my cycle i was about 0.2-3lbs up. And after my cycle i would gain like..0.5 of a pound and lose that the next day. Ive had problems where my cycle would never even come (non ed related) so i would get the early cramps for like a week and then the week after i would get my cycle or it'll never come, weird i know.

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  10. I mostly gain 2-4 lbs 3 days before my period starts and then disappears like 3 days after the period started. I don't notice I burn more calories on my period however I do have way more munchies then.
  11. I really hope this is what's happening to me right now. On Sunday, I was 134 lbs, but when I weighed myself the next morning, I was up to 140 lbs. This morning, I got my period, and when I weighed myself, I was down two pounds, but I just figured it was because I had done a couple of hundred fewer calories worth of exercise yesterday, and the semi-break had allowed me to lose some water weight.

    I knew of course, that you can gain water weight on your period, but I've never considered that you could probably also gain some a few days before your period :emoji_thinking: It makes sense, though. If that's what's going on, I should be back to normal in a few days :emoji_fingers_crossed:
  12. I miss periods often but every month I still have horrible PMS, cramps, weight gain, all that fun shit, right before I am supposed to get it. It’s happening right now sometimes I just wish it would. Or else to not have any of the symptoms. Beats feeling fat and bitchy and anxious that I’ll bleed at the least convenient moment
  13. The day I ovulate (I have an app to track it) I stall in weightless, regardless of what I do, I retain water and maintain for the 2 weeks before I get my period... I know I have to be technically losing weight as I eat well below my tdee... but the scale stays the same till the very day I get my period, then i will consistently lose each day till the next ovulation stall... very frustrating....
  14. I usually gain 3-5lb two days before, and I keep it the entire 7-10 day period plus a couple days. I don’t know about calorie burn but I do know I’m ravenous and crave chocolate and hamburger (only time I ever eat cow). If I’m not careful, those extra pounds are legitimate fat gain, rather than simple bloat.