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Places you've almost/have passed out

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by XXXBones, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Setting records around here. I almost passed out in the middle of welding in my college course:neutral_face:
  2. Walking up stairs while fasting

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  3. Basically, everywhere.

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  4. On a plane, at work, in school, at the cinema. WHY I always gotta faint in such public places
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  5. What are the dangers of passing out unexpectedly? And how long does it take you to wake up?
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  6. Oh and during a big college event LOL, always so subtle and classy.
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  7. I mean I'm not exactly sure of the dangers but it can always depend on how long it takes to wake up. It can be a couple of seconds or long enough that you have to go to a hospital.
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  8. Got to the top of a flight of stairs at school and just collapsed. Good thing no one else was there, it was not graceful
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  9. Banging your head and getting a concussion is the main danger. I’ve had 2 friends die of concussion related injuries and a football player from my hometown banged heads with a guy during a match and died in his sleep that night. Banging your head is so dangerous! Just falling unconscious unexpectedly can be very dangerous and cause serious injury. I’m very lucky that most of the times I’ve fainted, I’ve known I was about to faint and tried to get myself to the ground before I fell unconscious. Once I totally blacked out quickly and really hurt my leg though, had a huge bruise the whole way up my thigh.
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  10. ive never lost consciousness but ive lost vision (tunnel closed in until it was all black) a few times and had to sit/ lie down

    places this has happened: The gym, work, at the drugstore (clutched the shelf and had to breath deeply for a few moments), and most often my kitchen

    anyone have any ideas why i black/grey out while cooking in my kitchen so often? i have a theory that i lock my knees while cooking but im not sure
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  11. Have actually fainted completely: home relaxing, school, various stores, in the shower...

    Have almost fainted: all of the above but also at the doctor, at a blood clinic, and inside a mcdonalds, and in the car
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  12. -I blacked out and almost fainted before when low restricting for a while and got up off the couch really quickly. I sat on the floor intill I regained my vision.

    -I was SO close to collapsing in the hallway at school when my AN got REALLY bad a few years ago. It was the end of the year and my bag was super heavy with textbooks I needed to return(I swear it was like 35 pounds). I was breathing heavily, my legs were shaking, and the weight of my bag was probably almost half my bodyweight at that point. I was about 70-72 pounds. I barely made it to class. That's basically the point I realized how sick I was.
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  13. My friends and I drove to this place to buy tickets for an event and when I got out of the car I almost passed out right there in the sidewalk--I had to grab on to my guy friend and he made a joke about me coming on to him but I was like literally holding on for dear life. My vision had gone totally black and I missed most of what he said x'D. Another time I almost passed out in my mom's room... you can imagine how that conversation went LMFAO
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  14. High school, college, grad school, wal mart, parents' home as a kid, my own home as an adult, speaking event, friend's home, sister's house. . . sooooooooo many random other places over the years.
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  15. blacked out and fainted when i was making my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. this was the first time it happened and my little brother was the one who witnessed it.

    second and final time i blacked out and fainted was in high school during gym class. the teacher assigned the class to run around the track three times in under 12 minutes to pass the spring final exam. i was at my worst during that time, therefore while i was running, i began to blackout and fainted. i woke up to a couple of my classmates whom where trying to help me get up.
    not the best place to faint.

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  16. Hallway at work - and I work in a hospital, so thank gawd it was a graveyard shift and the hall was completely empty, otherwise I would have been questioned and prodded by so many nurse/tech coworkers...​
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  17. Have passed out: when modelling kimono's at the Japanese embassy, supermarket (when I worked there), when I was treating a client a couple of weeks ago (sure was a great look whoops).

    Almost passed out: propbably shorter to write where I haven't - ANZAC parade, climbing Mt Fuji, waiting for bus stops, at the gym, in the hospital when I was on placement, many many times at my current work (mostly without clients thankfully), several times at home

    I think mine are mostly when I've been standing up for a long time, or when I stand up too quickly. For a while, everytime I got out of bed my vision would go black, but I would just keep walking holding onto the wall coz I knew it'd go away soon enough (apart from like twice when it didn't) haha
  18. Many places, but I remember a few:

    On the street pushing my son in his stroller, in the library children's section, in a Krav maga class, ballet class, grocery store, in the bathroom (fell off toilet--sorry for the unpleasant mental picture), at work (thankfully never fainted while teaching)...
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  19. In the middle of my high school awards night. Back stage, in front of all my classmates and friends. I was out for a good three minutes, but I have no memory of fainting. People fussed over me for days
  20. Almost passed out in Walmart a few times. The first time I had the partial tunnel vision, body numbness and I was breathing heavily. I was walking down a crowded area and had barely ducked into the women's clothing area to pass out in semi-privacy when my vision cleared. I finished shopping with my numb body and weird breathing, because I had to, but it was haaard. The second time I was in the beverage isle and I had to hold on to one of the racks to keep from going down. I know people saw me but it was Walmart so no one asked me what was up. The other times I just had lightheadedness and body numbness but I managed to keep upright.

    Also the damned shower. Always the shower. It's getting to be stupid dumb how much I dread showers.

    I've almost passed out in my psych's office before. That might have been nervousness + low restriction for days though. What a shit show that would have been.
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