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Places you've almost/have passed out

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by XXXBones, Jan 9, 2019.

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  2. School, at home, multiple staircases, NYC subway, gym, in the changing room at H&M, on a run, at the barn. I think that’s it
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  3. a bowling alley parking lot
    outside of the little thai bar down the road from my old apartment
    at my crushes house before we went to bed
    at the doctors office after getting a couple of shots/blood work (two times i typically faint after/before needles)
    yeah i faint a lot.. it's scary and i hate it :-(
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  4. I've almost passed hundreds of times, I'm a bit taller than most and get light headed real easy, even after I've gained some weight I still get light headed super easy and its more annoying than anything for me, especially when/if I got it at work (physical job (welding and what not)) I usually just grip onto something and wait it out or quickly sit back down.

    The two strongest times I can remember off the top of my head-
    I nearly passed out talking to my little brother, I got up from laying down and ran to his room to ask him something and saw my vision fade away, I couldn't even speak words and he thought I was joking, but
    I've only passed out once, when I got up too quickly in my room (maybe putting socks on my cold tootsies) and fell to my bed.

    I usually have a few seconds to feel it come on, and I think my hands and feet get colder and its almost like head rush or something, hard to remember but it takes a little bit of time to kick in for me so I can prep haha
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  5. school- in science class- when I was in the middle of a presentation to my teacher.
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  6. Most recent was in the middle of having sex with my boyfriend :see_no_evil:
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  7. Worst was onto hot concrete in an amusement park waiting for a ride, with my hair and scarf getting covered by ketchup someone had dropped on the ground. Luckily I didn’t get seriously hurt beyond scrapes and bruises, but I will never forget that surreal moment of just thinking is this what my life has come to? Otherwise I’m lucky that it’s only happened as home.
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  8. At home a ton of course. I've only been real close when I've been out with friends, and that was at a festival from just like... walking around. I had to sit down or I would've fully passed out, it was not cute.
    We'd driven though two countries to get there, so thank god my friends didn't actually have to deal with my dumb weak ass actually passing out on them when we were very much not close to home.
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  9. It's honestly a miracle I can't claim to have passed out at a concert (yet, I suppose). I keep going on nothing but the wine I buy at the venue.
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  10. I envy you. I’ve been to so many concerts, and I pass out to every single one of them. I think it might be the lights and the heat combined with low blood sugar.
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  11. In between closing doors of the train. That was one of my finest moments because I had just finished laxing and binge/purging and people were looking at me like I was stupid/the biggest inconvenience because big city folks.
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  12. He could have found that super flattering!:wink:
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  13. That sounds very plausible. I'm always dying for water after a gig, so dehydration probably doesn't help either.
    That sounds like it really does suck though, if only for the fact that you're paying full price for half a show every time.

    (btw I feel like I remember you from one of the Scandi threads on MPA1, sorry if i'm totally off, but did you happen to be from DK as well?)
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  14. I appreciate your sympathy!

    And yes! You might have seen me hanging out in the Scandi threads on MPA1, haha. I’ve been searching for one here, too, but no luck so far. Måske burde man lave en..?
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  15. Behind the bar at work. Customers had to come and help me.
    Also I've lost my vision completely once while crossing the road in the city. I was so fucking scared. Then I got to my apartment and lost my vision in the elevator so I couldn't see which floor button to press.
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    Ja, altså jeg siger i hvert fald ikke nej til en reunion..
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  17. in lesson when teacher was asking questions from me. I was nervously standing next to teacher's desk and didn't feel my feet, then I sat down and it stopped. It was close
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    On the giant marble staircase at school (multiple times, going both up and down). Walking across campus to/from my car and class (more than a half a mile in one direction). MANY many occasions, the staircase at my house (so basically stairs of any kind are the danger zone). Also, in the shower.
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  19. Depends on what you're doing lol I mean passing out in the shower and hitting your head and literally drowning has happened to people before. Or just hitting your head and getting a bad concussion or whatever. Driving and wrecking your car and dying and or killing yourself? There are endless scenarios that could be fatal.
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  20. on the train, on the couch at work (lol oops), in the store, while walking home from the store in the snow... i've literally passed out while chilling at home before. it's not fun.