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PMS cravings

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by mothwings, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. I always tend to be so much hungrier the weeks leading up to my period and there is no controlling it no matter what I try and do to distract myself.

    Does anyone else struggle with this?
  2. Yup in the past it was so bad that I just had one day where I ate whatever I wanted, that was better than binging every single day. The best part is that I still lost from that because my stomach was too small to finish everything.
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  3. Ugh I’ve basically been bingeing for a couple weeks and it’s making me so depressed ahhhh! Sometimes I start PMSing really early like 2 weeks before my period and it throws my whole flow off

    I’m so jelly of your woosh but glad someone got some positive results! Celebrating for u
  4. Yes!
    The fact my body clings to every drop of excess water makes it hell week sometimes.
    My cravings are always junk food and cigarettes.
  5. Yeah definitely. I either try to control it and end up binging, or allowing myself to eat more calories than normal and not feel so bad about it by telling myself it's better than binging.

    My cravings change a lot; I honestly rarely ever crave chocolate..sometimes I'll crave stuff like pickles..or chicken...or peanut butter..lmao
  6. Nope, being on my period makes me eat less so c:
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  7. Yes to all the above.

    I eat too much when I get my period.
    I still get my period because I eat too much.
    It's a vicious cycle.
  8. Well then, time to break the chain!

    Honestly, not having a period is wonderful. Saves so much hassle, not to mention money and embarrassment.
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  9. Oy
    I know I said it first, but no need to encourage me.

    There are less crazy ways to stop your period, compared to the method I've used in the past (over exercising and under eating).
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  10. True enough! I hope you didn't take my post the wrong way - I went on the pill and mine pretty much stopped. I wasn't encouraging dangerous behaviours!
  11. Ooh, I totally did take it that way! Sorry, I so drastically misunderstood. I'm laughing so hard right now.

    Well, then. Nothing more to see here. Moving right along.
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  12. Yeah I binged on 2700 cals last week cause of my period. You’re not crazy, it actually is caused by fluctuating hormones. Progesterone I believe. Super shitty, but don’t think it’s because you lack willpower.

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