Post photos of your grocery hauls!

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  1. im curious to see what everyone likes to grab when they do their grocery shopping, I thought it'd be a fun thing to share :)

    ...I apologise if this is a dumb idea lol
  2. Produce bags are:
    4 kiwi
    2 cucumbers
    1 red bell pepper
    2 sweet potatoes [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Cool idea! I’ll be following!!
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  4. Unf. Jalapeno hummus? Just fuck me up.

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  5. I love those tea biscuits! But I never saw chocolate! I’ll have to look for those.

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  6. Those frozen Amy’s burritos are amazing :)
  7. Oh good, I’m glad it wasn’t a stupid idea lmao
  8. Posting tomorrow! Hopefully this'll make me remember.

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  9. aww i just got back from grocery shopping and it's all put away :') following, i love a good haul thread lol
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    This may not qualify as a haul per se but i went to safeway last night to get bananas and i also got this giant canister of oats for a really good price (not pictured but i also got a container of the vega vanilla protein + greens powder)

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  11. Me too!!

    I’m excited to post mine tomorrow (or on Sunday if I get super lazy after work lol)
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  12. I've never bought so much food in one go like this before but I'm excited about all these foods.

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  13. first time I've tried uploading a photo. hope I didn't mess it up. I'm on mobile.
  14. Went shopping for the whole fam but this is just my stuff for lunches and breakfasts. Only hitch is that since it was shopping day and we had no real breakfast in the house we ended up going to McDonald's and eating in the car where I couldn't just skip out on half. 600 calories to start the day.

    Coke Zero
    White cheddar rice cakes
    Strawberry cheesecake greek yogurts
    Cashew cookie Lara bars
    Green Giant pre sauced veggies
    Fat free zesty italian dressing (for the unpictured cucumber and tomato salad I'm gonna make)


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  15. Yesterday’s haul! I went a little crazy on ice cream haha
  16. These are the best posts.
  17. Spicy avocado hummus?

    Okay that sounds AMAZING lol
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  18. I don’t buy groceries. The idea is then I won’t eat. But I end up spending several hundred on take out instead

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