Post photos of your grocery hauls!

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  1. How are these pre sauced veggies anyone try em? Low cal?

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  2. upload_2018-10-2_23-58-58.jpeg

    Finally remembered to contribute to my thread lmao
  3. Woah, without the drinks that's basically exactly what I buy every time I go to the store. Even the baby spinach, tiny carrots and blueberries.
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    Not pictured: halo top, liquid egg whites, Sprite Zero cranberry. The two things cut out of my terrible picture (lmao sorry) are tuna, almonds & 100 calorie tortillas

    This was a seriously overpriced grocery haul

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  5. [​IMG]

    I am such an embarrassment, but in my defense, not all of this is for me.
  6. About 150 for the whole package, depending on flavor, and I really adore them. They're very savory and warm, which is nice when low restricting.

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  7. hi my name is jenna and instead of grocery shopping i buy a five dollar coffee every damn day
    im not proud. im poor and addicted to lattes.
  8. I love those Dole chopped kit salad bag mixes but I don't get them because 1. they're too high in cals for me and 2. I'm vegan so I can't have some stuff in it anyway. But Amy's brand is good.
  9. I miss pockys sooo much but now I'm vegan so I can't have them....ugh.
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  10. I just got my groceries today!!! The produce is orange bell peppers, onions, cauliflower, asparagus and sweet potatoes. 20181018_145137.jpg 20181018_145107.jpg 20181018_145058.jpg 20181018_145125.jpg
  11. Just some stuff to make kimchi (and monster haha)

    And kimchi pic in spoiler
    It tastes amazing but feels like death because I added WAY too much chilli - it’s almost inedible fml, hopefully it will be slightly better after it’s fermented
  12. Not really groceries since my parents buy them, but this is just stuff for myself.
    I also bought flavoured Skyr! I’ve never seen this one before and got super excited when I saw they have low carb versions. I can’t wait to try it!
    Nutritional info is in the spoiler
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  13. I have a fetish for groceries and newly purchased things, thank you, babs. ;w;
  14. I know what you mean, I loooove looking at new stuff, especially when it’s food lol
  15. 85EC3D7E-37BA-4E10-8113-058F04D7791A.jpeg I usually have actual food as well but I thought the sheer number of zero calorie drinks was kinda funny. Also got kale, mini pita breads, hummus, and dog food.
  16. KIMCHII!!!! May I ask how did you make it?
  17. Today’s haul:
    From left to right: chilli gherkins, Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt, balsamic vinegar, red onions, salt and vinegar rice crackers, red cabbage, broccolini, asparagus, lemongrass, red kale, and some stuff from the op shop (pencil case, plate, and buttons).

    So much green and purple lol I love when my hauls have a colour theme
  18. 20181101_163522.jpg

    Almost forgot to post this! My groceries from 2 days ago. Here we have a halloween pumpkin (was on sale thanks halloween being over yay), sugar-free fruit/berries soup, Alpen no added sugar swiss style muesli, 2 broccolis, 2 bananas, udon noodles, kale, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, oats, frozen veggies, 4 packets of fat-free quark, cottage cheese, eggs and in that brown bag there's one portion of brown rice.

    // oh and there's frozen soy nuggets somewhere in the middle lol
  19. [​IMG]

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  20. I got a lot of stuff. But this should last me for a while. received_2128398120808985.jpeg received_490893604725266.jpeg received_2160431497502691.jpeg received_2137489003180942.jpeg received_339259370140785.jpeg