Post photos of your grocery hauls!

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  2. [​IMG]

    I have a bar problem....


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  3. Low carb flavoured Skyr, unsweetened almond milk, cacao butter and vanilla aroma
  4. BAA8174B-E5B9-4346-84A9-848D1771E1F9.jpeg
    full fridge after grocery shopping
  5. [​IMG]

    For meals, I got whole wheat bread, bbq deli chicken, bologna, tomato and basil jack cheese, provolone cheese, and Caesar dressing (for sandwiches).

    For snacks, I got Utz Cheese Balls and Halo Top Pancakes & Waffles Ice Cream.

    For drinks, I got Sprite Zero and Monster Ultra Energy Drinks.
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  6. Vegan shit from organic store (expect pepsi): tofu, soy yogurt, greek soy yogurt, passiflora because I can't sleep, brown rice/ginger/pumpkin noodles because wtf. Pepsi because addiction. Unpictured can of chickpeas.

    And we went to a north african store for vegs, it was completely overwhelming, I mentally shut down, and wandered in the aisles. There were so much choice and everything was insanely cheap, we bought a lot of fresh food.

    Tomato stash

    Zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, cucumber, fresh onions, hot peppers

    Mushroom stash, lettuce

    Grapes, leek greens in the bag

    Coriander leaves, red onion (the main stash is unpictured), fennel bulb, raspberries, leeks, spinach, hidden napa cabbage to ferment, hidden brussels sprouts, coco beans and ginger in the drawers

    From left to right: Banana, apples, different squashs/pumpkins/whatever (I don't understand the different names in english), grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, more apple and mangoes, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkinsss

    Surprisingly vegan icecreams in this shop, insanely cheap (4 tubs for 1€, the mochis were 1€50): matcha ice-cream mochis, 2 coconut sorbets, 2 litchi sorbets.

    (I'm not alone eating all this stuff, but I love seeing a fridge filled with a metric shit ton of fresh vegs and fruits)
    All (except the first picture) was 60€, that's insanely nothing, I don't know if I'm happy or sad that things can cost this cheap... poor planet (but no regret, I'm broke af).
  7. 20181122_153959.jpg

    Went to grocery shopping today. Here we have:

    - a ready to eat mango
    - cucumber
    - minced chicken meat (for my cat & myself)
    - 1.5 kgs of oranges
    - around 300 g of different types of small tomatoes (brown, yellow, red... they're in that green bag)
    - 2 bags of mixed salad (were on sale only 1 e/bag (!!!!!) normally they're like 2.50 e/bag lmao)
    - yellow bell pepper
    - 1 kg of pears
    - aaaaaaand some hot ass west indian chili sauce im gonna season my chicken with that
  8. Tea binge shop[​IMG]

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  9. @Sunnygirl86 Hey! How is this turmeric chai like? And the schoko one?
    I think I get them in my area, I haven't tried a lot of yogi teas but the ones I tasted were pretty great so I'm curious.
    I wish I could find a mango-lassi-chai, this sounds completely amazing!
  10. Girl the chais are dooooopeeeee. Schoko is my favourite so far

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  11. Ok, I'll definitely give it a try!
    I've been drinking Pukka's regular chai, it's really nice too.
  12. 850 calorie chocolate bar-


  13. IMG_20181124_223127.jpg low restriction period haul:
    -baby food lasagne
    -toddler pasta
    -konjac rice
    -protein bar as a treat
  14. IMG_20181130_154759.jpg - girl walks into grocery store, intending to only buy party supplies to get her through the night.....girl leaves the store with cheap snacks that can sit in her closet for months as she wants to eat fuck all

  15. I love gardein meat substitutes omg they’re the best!!
  16. I do that too, sooo good. I already have a huge stash of different Taco Bell sauces at home lol
  17. I love eating healthy and I've been actually CRAVING healthy stuff like green smoothies etc so yeh went to the grocery and bought yummy stuff.


    There's salad mix (rucola + spinach), spinach, small plum tomatos, Finnish radish, one can of tuna, 2 bananas, broccoli, one clementine, one apple, one beet, one kiwi, snack carrots, snack bell peppers, 6 eggs, low fat cottage cheese, 300 g natural chicken and unsweetened almond milk.

    Gonna embrace those smoothies and salads. :clap:

  18. That looks perfect. I’ll make my list from your haul

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  19. Awww thank you! This is a very shortened version of what I usually buy, because I'm trying to save money rotfl