Post photos of your grocery hauls!

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  1. Same. I’m going to go later and I’ll post what I pick up!

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  2. I love those Progresso Light soups! They are totally a staple in my pantry. Our grocery hauls look fairly similar. :smile:
  3. Me too! My favorites are the Italian wedding and the beef barley. So good!
  4. Reasons I Should Never Be Allowed to Grocery Shop Alone: A 1,765-Part Series (Featuring Judgmental Dog).

  5. Didn’t take a picture of my last shop but getting one delivered tomorrow. For now, here’s my bulk buy of zero noodles.


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  6. not a large haul but this is what i got today!
  7. Last weekend, stocking my apartment for the upcoming semester. $29.51 for the first picture, $43.35 (also bought unpictured laundry detergent) for the second.

    1547436932378111.jpg 1547436932650882.jpg
  8. This plus a sprite zero unpictured
    Sorry about the last two pictures being upside down- too lazy to turn them around lmao

    I eat so shitty but oh well also
    I might have a sLiGhT protein bar addiction[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    I do most of my grocery shopping on alternate weeks, so this week was relatively light. $3.34. Also, took plenty of free fruit from the campus dining halls, despite not having a meal plan.
  10. [​IMG]

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    20190126_143204.jpg 20190126_144004.jpg

    First pic has 3 vegan Ben&Jerry's cause they were on sale 3 for 10 euros (normally they're 8 euros/one so YEAH). :sob:

    Second pic has a bottle of laxative FOR MY CAT (it's meant for humans but works for cats as well I heard) and every possible wet food the pet store could offer and my cat MIGHT like. She's so fucking picky and only likes dry food but she must eat soft food until the check-up in few weeks (she got her tooth removed) SOOO I'm trying to find smth that she would eat... why can't she like anything....

    // oh and those bottles in the 2nd pic r finnish energy drinks (15 kcal/bottle)
  12. 20190227_154236.jpg 20190227_154249.jpg

    Lidl has all the fresh veggies, fruits n berries -20 % off from Monday to Wednesday so ofc I had to go get some sweet filling for my fridge. Also bought cold smoked salmon, cream cheese and light gouda cheese. Now I can make cauliflower rice sushi and see if that could be a thing or if it's a disaster lol.
  13. 5B29F0EB-209D-4301-8B26-B04F8ABFEAC4.jpeg

    Pickle chips and relish
    Tinned chicken
    Chicken flavored rice
    Chicken flavoring
    Sticky rice
  14. Do you restrict on the chips???
    I wish i could do that omg
    I buy popchips, 600 calories for the whole bag and it's pretty big so I'll just eat that and then not eat anymore for the day haha

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  15. I struggle with this too. One thing that's supposed to help is portioning it in ziplock bags and having one a day.

  16. Yes, but I never eat over 500 a day, so I’ll only have maybe 5chips at a time