Trigger Warning Post pics of your meals

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  1. I love seeing other people’s meals.

    Here’s what I had for dinner today

    Its riced cauliflower, with plain Greek yogurt, steak and soy milk

    Just about 500 Cals
  2. OMG a Pancake PPOYM!!!! Yes! Don't have any pics myself but will be following this thread ;)
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  3. Following! Next time i eat (lol) i'll post it here :D how'd you get the topic to say trigger warning at the top before you click it? Thats so cool

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  4. Today was a good food day, posted in accountability too. Ty for starting this op! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. It was an option before I posted in Tapatalk!

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  6. That looks real good!
  7. Yeah i noticed that when i made my accountability thread! That is super handy :D

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  8. a metric fuck ton of Asparagus [​IMG]

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    all 3 of my meals were a cup of coffee made with oat milk and sugar today, oops.

  10. @ribcages. That looks really good actually

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  11. haha, thank you! it was actually a great cup of coffee, tbh
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  12. I should expand my taste in coffee i usually only drink iced coffee but now i wanna try different combinations! I used to drink id say a full pot of coffee a day 0_0 i swear i never slept

    Sorry for derailing the topic!

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  13. Oh gosh, alright I'll try and post here as well as mpa
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  14. Omg a PPOYM here too? This is incredibly fun ahhhh


    • Paneer paratha
    • Pretzel bun w pepperjack cheese
    • candy cookie <3
    • cream of wheat (omg this was my first time trying it and I think I like it even more than oatmeal haha) + Fibre one b-day cake bar
    • (unpictured) lunch : bagel thin w jam + veggies
    Total ~ 992
  15. W hat that cream of wheat looks awesome! A new thing on my list of foods to try!

    Im sitting in a laundromat reading about myself sitting in a laundromat reading about myself my head hurts
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  16. Yes please do try it! You can make a huge bowl for only 112 calories :D
  17. Examples. I always eat weird stuff xD[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  18. :0 that all looks really good! Whats the second meal?

    Im sitting in a laundromat reading about myself sitting in a laundromat reading about myself my head hurts
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  19. [​IMG]

    Breakfast today, trying to get more protein in this morning so here’s to turkey sausages.

    I also just spilled some vanilla latte coffee on my bed. Don’t eat in bed guys, you might make a mess.
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  20. Surimi with sweet chili sauce, soft cream cheese- both on side and romaine lettuce c:
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