Trigger Warning Post pics of your meals

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  1. IMG_20190312_180651.jpg Vege burger with vegan cheese, vege patty, vegan aoili, lettuce, tomato and tomato sauce + watermelon

    Calories: 394
  2. Sure, the recipe is about what I said. I steamed the aubergine until soft and mushy. Alternatively, you can throw it in an oven wrapped in aluminium foil with a few cuts to prevent explosion.
    I separated the flesh from the skin, being careful not to mush it, and I mixed it with a clove of garlic, a teaspoon or so of brown rice miso and thinly-sliced coriander leaves.
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  3. Breakfast for champions

  4. Yesterday [March 11th]
    Coffee [50]
    Cereal bar [66]
    Unpictured raisins [45]
    Pepsi max [12]
    Ravioli [144]

    317 total.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. 2019-03-12

    ^ Salmon Rice Beans

    ^ Veg Tempura & Rice
  6. Hey guys !^^
    Meals from today n yesterday :
    ☆ oat-sorghum bowl cake ^^
    ☆ a cup of coffee
    ☆ yoghurt with sesame seeds and peanuts[​IMG]
    ☆ oats with 1 date
    ☆ oatmeal with sesame seeds and almonds
    ☆ ice cream
    ☆ chocolate pudding oats with apple slices ; coconut n chocolate .
    Hope you all are okay ^^

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  7. What I ate yesterday March 12th:




    776 kcal in total.
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    Found this non-dairy Breyers Delights in the stores yesterday! It was pretty good, it has bits of hazelnut and I think it would've been better without them. It was my evening snack. :D

  9. 20190313_111213.jpg

    Hi, my life i sad.
    That nocco was gross and a lot of the lettuce had gone off :emoji_disappointed_relieved:
  10. I cooked! Mind you, what you see here is 3 portions at least: chicken, 2 onions, 1 carrot, finely chopped cabbage, 1 medium zucchini, several mushrooms, coconut milk and a bit of soy sauce, lots of curry powder and chilies. And shirataki noodles (16 kcal for the whole pack of 200 g which is 3 servings!) which I now had for the very first time ever. They almost taste like rice noodles! I’m impressed with them.

    The whole pan of 3-4 portions comes, all weighed and the end result rounded up, to 990 kcal. I’ll freeze one portion, have one for lunch tomorrow and one I’m eating right now!
  11. Hey guys ^^
    ☆ chocolate oatmeal with almonds and coconut ^^
    ☆ a giant plate of a "not-very-attractive looking-but-soo-good-tasting" cauliflower with tomato/hot sauce/spices and a squeeze of lemon juice .
    ☆ sorghum pudding with sesame seeds and coconut .
    Hope you all are okay ^^

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  12. 2019-03-13

    ^ Beef Rice Broccoli

    ^ Went out to Nandos with the friends to celebrate the term finishing! :')
  13. My mom stayed over while my husband was out of town, I made her the breakfast on the left. I had already had a Slimfast which usually keeps me full until supper but was still hungry so I had the meal on the right. Her toast has real butter and mine has fake butter. There is a little salsa on my eggs.
  14. 5F082FFE-D40E-4E51-9329-FB6655B6A7DA.jpeg

    Yesterday’s breakfast 35 grams of oats made with water, 5 strawberries chopped up and 8 grams of honey.
  15. Yesterdays [March/13th]

    ¤ Coffee [50]
    ¤ Cereal Bar [66]
    ¤ X2 Cherry Pepsi Max [20]
    ¤ Raisins [45]
    ¤ 10g Rainbow Drops [37]
    ¤ Coffee [50]
    ¤ Toast [90]

    358 total.[​IMG][​IMG]

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    Boston roll I’ve been having so much sushi lately lol
    Calories: 252
  17. 2019-03-14

    ^ Doughnut for lunch because why not!

    ^ Went for dinner with a friend at a Korean restaurant! Kimchi & Bulgogi Dukbaegi (marinated beef stew) this was good-o :>
  18. ☆ Breakfast ☆
    Chocolate Slimfast in my coffee (180)

    ☆ Lunch ☆
    Grilled chicken pieces (110)
    Walden Farms barbecue sauce (0)

    ☆ Supper ☆
    Hamburger (250)
    Small fries (230)

    ☆ Dessert ☆
    Fiber bar (90)
    Had some sips of a hot chocolate (unpictured) that my husband brought home... counting it as (100)

    ♡ Total 960 ♡

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  19. 20190315_110932.jpg

    Meh. One day ill be brave enough to buy an avocado sandwich for lunch but not today.
  20. Your entire daily intake looks soooooo good! :emoji_heart_eyes:
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