Trigger Warning Post pics of your meals

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  1. Hey guys ^^
    3 days food worth haha ;

    Breakfast :
    ☆ oat flour bread bun with tomato and cheese omelette . This bread bun was so easy and quick to make ! Mix 35g of oats with 1tsp baking powder , a dash of salt and 1 egg into a small bowl and microwave for 2 or 3 minutes until well baked ^^
    ☆ a cup of coffee and milk .
    Snack :
    ☆ a cup of coffee
    ☆ orange cake
    ☆ oatmeal with sesame seeds and chocolate
    ☆ oat bowl cake ^^ soo delicious ♡ and only 270cals .
    ☆ another bowl cake made with sorghum flour and dates ^^
    ☆ Omelette
    Hope everyone is okay ^^

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  2. IMG_20190315_171730.jpg Screenshot_20190315_171711.jpg
    It made sooooo much and was actually really filling so I don't feel too bad about it.
  3. Thanks, I try my best :P
  4. 2019-03-15

    ^ Beef Casserole, Rice, Quinoa & Broccoli Salad

    ^ Chilli Cheese Burger & Quinoa Broccoli Salad
  5. ☆ Breakfast ☆
    [Recycled photo] Coffee + Slimfast (180)

    ☆ Lunch ☆
    Cabbage soup with added lentils for fiber... no clue on calories
    Toast (45) with fake butter (35)

    ☆ Supper ☆
    Bad decision lol. Shrimp rice bowl with spicy ranch. Didn't eat all of it, but still a calorie bomb.
    With Diet Dr Pepper (0)

    ☆ Dessert ☆

    1 square of this "maple almond butter" Snickers... good but not worth it because I guess it's 100 cals just for that little square. Left the rest of it in the car.

    Also unfortunately was still craving dessert so had a Fiber One bar.

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  6. Breakfast
    Carrot bread (120) this bread is amazing, huge slice with high protein count
    Turkey ham (30) 2 slices for 30 cal! Nice!!
    Cheese (110) R.I.P. but I love cheese and am proud for managing to portion it out so well. I used to eat whole packs of these in two meals.
    Egg (120)
    Tomatoes (15)


    LOL the amount of egg and cheese kills it but it was good an filling (better be filling you biatch! 400 kcal for breakfast doesn’t leave much wiggle room to not exceed 1000 for the day)
  7. [​IMG]

    128 cals, yesterday's breakfast
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  8. Lunch time for me :)

    Skyr (160)
    Strawberries (30)
    Blueberries (30)
    Coffee with milk (100) idk why I had to have milk, I prefer black coffee anyways and this was just such a waste of calories for milk.


    Oh well, 320 total, it’s ok.
  9. 316cal [​IMG]

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  10. It's lose it
  11. Yesterdays [15th/March]

    Coffee [50]
    Cereal Bar [66]
    Pepsi max [4]
    Coffee [30] & biscuit [41]
    Omelette [114] on toast [45] with salad [25]

    375 total.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Yesterdays [15th/March]

    Coffee [50]
    Cereal Bar [66]
    Pepsi max [4]
    Coffee [30] & biscuit [41]
    Omelette [114] on toast [45] with salad [25]

    375 total.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. Hey guys ^^
    Haha i bet everyone is getting sick of my repetetive bowls of oatmeal lol . But that's my ultimate safe food so ...i don't really care if i eat it for every single meal ^^
    This one was from yesterday :
    Today :[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    ☆ sorghum flour crepes that were soo delicious ♡
    Hope you all are okay ^^

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  14. ☆ Breakfast-
    Coffee w Slimfast (180)

    ☆ Lunch-
    Weird random stuff lol...
    Tortilla (45) with half wedge of spreadable cheese (12.5)
    Cup of pepper jack Skinny Pop (45)
    2 oz of lunchmeat (60)
    Yogurt (60)

    ☆ Supper-
    Pork taco with rice and beans, idk cals

    ☆ Dessert-
    York patty (150)

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  15. Yesterday [16th/March]

    Coffee [50]
    Pepsi max for the day [13]
    Raisins [45]
    Cereal bar [65]
    Chips [146] with reduced salt ketchup [10]
    Chocolate [96]
    Unpictured cheetos [69]

    494 total.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Breakfast (290):
    Bread (120)
    Turkey ham (30)
    Cheese (40)
    Egg (90)
    Tomato (6)

    Ultimate fuck-it binge bowl (570):
    Skyr (130)
    Jogurt (100)
    Oats (120)
    Banana (140)
    Berries (80)


    I wanted to binge and it totally felt like it would be a binge but I only managed a quarter before I had to take a break, finished the rest after lunch with difficulty. Can’t even binge right!

    Lunch (160):
    Leftover from yesterday, veggies and shirataki

    Fuck-it-now-I’m-binging-snack (180)
    Chestnuts lol

    Dinner (420):
    Lentils (170)
    Rice (170)
    Oil (40)
    Onions (20)
    Zucchini (20)


    My total is below 1700 so my deficit is still large and I am stuffed beyond believe.
  17. Hey guys ^^
    When i like something , i litterally get obsessed with it and make it over and over and over til i get sick of it lool , my new obsession today was these amazing sorghum crepes ♡ they were soooo delicious and simple ! I had them for breakfast and dinner haha , last pic tho was the ones i made for my sister , but honestly i could have eaten them for all of my meals lol . I filled one with cheese , and the two other ones with chopped dates .
    Recipe :
    - 1egg
    - 2tbsp sorghum flour (26g)
    - a splash of milk (i think about 30g ? Just until a crepe like consistency batter)
    - shopped dates (you can mix them in the batter or just leave them as toppings)

    ☆ I also had this cacao oat pudding with sesame seeds .
    Hope you all have a great day ♡

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