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Post pics of your OATMEAL !

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by SkinnyFat, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. shook it up a bit with raspberry cheesecake oats and my first non-savoury oatmeal in a while that hasn't had peanut butter! i'll figure out a better way to mix in the pudding at some point bc this turned out kinda lumpy, but it was delicious as fuck nevertheless. 28g instant oats, stevia, 8g sf cheesecake pudding mix, 50g raspberries, and 7g ish of sf chocolate syrup, 152 in total and i'm very pleasantly full now :emoji_blue_heart: hope you're all well!

  2. Yummy ♡ you made me crave a pink-y coloured oatmeal lol . Sadly tho they don't sell raspherries where i live , i don't even know how do they taste like aah . Maybe i'll add strawberry flavour pudding mix ^^

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  3. raspberries are my favourite, if i had literally any cash right now i'd offer to send you some (or at least, like, a chocolate bar with raspberry filling for atop your oats haha). they're kind of tart, if i really had to describe it i'd probably go with "same fresh flavour a strawberry has, but tart like a cherry"? if you had lime juice over a strawberry, that might be a good general approximation. this is a tough little mind exercise haha!
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  4. Omhygosh how sweet you are ?!!thank you soo much for thinking about me ♡
    And that's a pretty good descriprion ! When it's the strawberrie's season , i'll definetly give the "strawberry lemon juice" a try to have that raspherry taste ♡

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  5. [​IMG]
    Oats made with canned coconut milk and almond milk and topped with vanilla yogurt and almonds

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    Banana porridge with tahini-maple syrup "caramel," pistachios and dates.

  7. I do like it! It's sweet in a strange way. I'm having it as a drink right now (where's my caffein? my body is saying). I only used a tablespoon so it's quite diluted, how much do you usually put in the cup?
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  8. Earl grey oats w blackberries and sugar free pistachio halawa
  9. It depends on the amazake, when I use white rice amazake i would say that I usually use a 1:4 ratio amazake to water, but chances are that the concentration of mine isn't the same as store-bought. If I want to have a stronger taste, I do 1:2 or 1:3 in a small cup. I use slightly less with barley or oat amazake as they are stronger in taste
    I heat everything in a sauce pan to homogenise everything and thicken the drink, rip probiotics
    Probably better if you try in the limits of your comfort and see if you find your sweet spot!
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  10. Savoury porridge cooked with shiro miso, spinach, with avocado, marmite and sesame seeds (275)
  11. [​IMG]
    Cocoa oats with cherry and blueberry ‘compote’ with a white choc truffle ^^

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  12. Banana porridge with peanut butter and chocolate (dried raspberries and salted coconut caramel at the back).

  13. I was craving something greeny-ish haha weird i know so i just came up with this green themed oatmeal , made with pistachio flavour pudding mix , topped with matcha kitkat and some pistachios ^^ i would have added more green topping if i only had lol . I think kiwi slices would go so well with it too .

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  14. Apple and cinnamon oats, with unsweetened almond milk, and Milo <3

  15. [​IMG]
    Cocoa vanilla oats with blueberries and a choc truffle

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  16. Cocoa and banana porridge with salted coconut caramel and amazake.

  17. This looks amazing!

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  18. That caramel has such a nice colour, is it store-bought or homemade?
  19. apple and cinnamon oatmeal with applesauce and frozen raspberries
  20. strawberry cheesecake cream of wheat! this was sooo yummy ahh. it’s 1 pack of cream of wheat, 4g sugar free cheesecake jell-o pudding mix, 72g strawberries, and 4 crushed maria cookies to top it with

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