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Post pics of your OATMEAL !

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by SkinnyFat, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Thank youu !♡♡

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  2. ☆ Speculatius cacao oatmeal with pistachios ^^
    ☆ baked oatmeal agaiiin because i'm OBSESSED with this stuff ♡ just yumm ^^


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  3. Not the cutest, but the combo is really cool.
    Porridge with shiro miso, marmite, avocado and sesame seeds

    Porridge and barley amazake with kiwi, raspberries, fig&walnut jam, sesame seeds
  4. Plain hospital oatmeal this morning :(
  5. Oh i really hope you are okay hun ♡

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  6. [​IMG]
    Cocoa caramel oats with hazelnuts and a praline choc!

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  7. This one is store-made.

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  8. Cranberry porridge with turmeric spice mix and chocolate-coated ginger.

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  9. No picture but omg guys....put a tbsp of psyllium husk in your oats when you cook them it does wonders for the texture and makes it more filling :D
  10. Honey ginger cream of wheat on top of goats milk yogurt w orange, strawberries and hemp seeds
  11. Sorghum pudding w strawberry KitKat

  12. [​IMG]
    1/2 Caramel oats 1/2 PB oats with milk choc truffles ^^

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  13. Banana porridge with beetroot-chocolate cake, salted coconut caramel, and dried raspberries.

  14. got stuck in a binge-fast cycle and so i haven't had oats in a few days : / but i made savoury oats when i got back from work! regular instant oats with soy sauce, fat-free mozzarella, a poached egg, and some sriracha for 199 calories and a nice, filling meal : ) looks a little strange bc of the soy sauce and how the cheese looked on it, but still yummy

  15. Baked oatmeal again because my obsession is REAL ♡

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  16. OMG I have to do this but I'm so hungry in the morning I want my oats right away!
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  17. Banana oats with peanut butter and my favourite praline chocolate. DIRRRTY!

  18. [​IMG]
    Sweet tomato oats with PB and pickled onion- definitely the strangest oats I’ve had in a while!

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  19. Yeaah that's exactly why i bake it the day before ! I never make it in the morning because i cannot wait just like you said lool .
    I bake it at night , put it in the fridge and then microwave it next morning , soo delicious ! You have to try it !!
    And here's the recipe if ever you forgot it :
    ☆ 40g oats
    ☆ 1tsp cacao powder + 1tsp baking powder
    ☆ 55g mashed banana
    ☆ 90g milk
    Mix everything together and put in the oven at 180c for 25minutes and don't forget the toppings before baking !^^

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  20. Sounds quite good actually!
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