Post your New Year's Resolutions!

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  1. New years is only a couple days away and I don't know about you, but I'm completely excited to start some new habits and ditch some destructive old ones.

    What are your new year's resolutions, MPA?
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  2. loose weight, draw more. that kinda thing
  3. Mine are...

    1. stop smoking when I drink.
    2. stop drinking entirely.
    3. No more sugar at all.
    4. stop eat carbs.
    5. start calling my grandparents more often.
  4. Do Veganuary and Dry January.

    Get to a BMI in the 16s.

    Find at least two regular nurturing activities to add to my weekly schedule. Probably a Pilates class with a friend and something meditative/singing.
  5. Make it to semifinals of a major opera thing

    Figure out what is going on with my teacher certification so I can keep my job

    Get a passport

    Get below 20% body fat without being too tiny (aka get buff). I’m already pretty small but healthy. I just want to really be buff. Going to try 4:3 intermittent fasting because it’s supposed to burn fat and not as much lean muscle. Anybody else try this?

    Make love to my husband a lot

    Be a stellar stepmom
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  6. I’ll be doing Dry January as well! I think this will be my third year. It’s a nice re-set.

    I love the idea of having a resolution to add nurturing activities. I don’t do nearly enough self care.
  7. Get down to 102 lbs
    keep my room clean
    walk more/exercise more in general
    get drivers license
    get my grades up in algebra particularly
    do well on midterms and finals and SAT's
    college visits
    volunteer more once I can drive
    buy a fucking car

    2019 is a big year for me given my age and things coming up in my life, I know i can't get to too low of a weight because I really don't want to jeopardize my future. Shit man this is gonna be a big year.

  8. TBH for me Dry January is going to be very easy for me this year as I've only drunk alcohol maybe two or three times total in 2018. Usually I get liqueurs in during December and have a little most nights, then do Dry January so as to definitely break any habit forming possibilities. This year I was strictly restricting most of Dec, and had no alcohol at all.
  9. socialise more, eat less, use journal and planner every day
  10. 1. I'm looking to learn a second language this year, in it's entirety. I've always been one of those people that study languages on and off, and in fact, I can fluently read the Korean alphabet, I speak A1 level Canadian French, and I know a little tiny bit of American Sign Language, but I've never committed myself to a language enough to actually say I comfortably speak it as a second language. I want that to change this year! I'm thinking I ought to finally finish learning Korean.

    2. I want to write 2,000 words a week. I've been writing as a hobby for a year short of a decade now, but I went through a long period of intense depression when I was sixteen that caused me to abandon most of my hobbies, talents, skills, etc. I've been struggling to find my rhythm for writing again ever since, only writing on and off every couple of weeks, but I want to change that this year! Really get myself back into my craft, y'know?

    3. Continue to study anatomy. I'm an artist. I've been doing art my entire life, but only started making a serious effort to learn around three years ago when I got my first Wacom Tablet and went digital. I made the mistake of learning cartoons before realism, and in recent months have started making a real effort to study actual anatomy. I'd like to continue that into the new year and hopefully make some serious progress.

    4. I'd like to fast more purposely this year. I've always been the type to use fasting as a means to break a plateau or as a way to purge myself post-binge, but I'd like to start doing it more ritualistically throughout 2019. Once a month, on the second day of every full moon. For the whole year. Also, believe it or not, this isn't ED related! I want to do this for spiritual purposes.

    5. I want to have an entirely binge-free 2019! I plan on reaching my UGW this year, by September at the earliest and November at the latest. I did it before, and I can do it again.

    You all have my best wishes. I hope the new year treats you well. I hope you find the strength, and happiness, and the prosperity to achieve all your goals for 2019. To those who need it, I hope you find health. And to those beyond it, I pray for you that this year isn't your last. Good luck, everyone. Godspeed.
  11. Dry January

    Binge free January

    Lose 8 lbs in January (and get to my goal weight this year)

    Do my cognitive behavioural bullshit
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  12. I probably won't remember some of these but here goes:

    - Practice more compassion towards myself.
    - Stop neglecting my relationships as I've done pretty much all this year.
    - Get back into reading; I used to be well-read but life and my insanity got in the way. I need to retrain my focus.
    - Attain some degree of fluency in the Spanish language.
    - Spend less time at work and more time on lucrative hobbies, flipping items on eBay, stuff like that.
    - Spend more time outdoors. I want to climb some mountains, and look for gold and mineral specimens.

    Basically I want to use 2019 to begin building a life that is better than what I had before, I've wasted too many years running in circles. Time to try something new.
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  13. - reach my gw
    - get back into running daily
    - get over my social anxiety and go to a horror convention
    - watch horror movies I've never seen instead of the same ones over and over
    - read more
    - stop isolating
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    ~ be 95% recovered from bulimia
    ~ maintain a lower bf% to ease the bdd
    ~ look after myself on a daily basis and keep my nutrition at a healthy state
    ~ gain some self confidence
  15. - Openly and honestly share my feelings to myself and others

    - Enjoy sex (safely) and only choose to chase people who show interest and attention

    - Pass maternal - peds, Pathopsyiology, pharmacology this spring and chronic medsurg 2 etc this fall

    - not get fat, not die from ed

    - write a book

    - raise my 3 turning 4 yr old to treat others with dignity and respect
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  16. - Lose weight
    - Do yoga regularly
    - Enjoy my relationship even more
    - Moisturize everyday
    And other little things.
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  17. 2019 will be a fresh start for me, basically. I finally left my abusive ex and will spend 2019 focusing on healing, picking up the pieces, and changing myself for the better because I turned into such a bitter, depressed person after dealing with him for three years. So the major things:

    - Do things I always wanted to do. I'm falling back in love with passions and hobbies that I dropped because he didn't like them.
    - Be more fluent in Korean. I kept starting and stopping my studying for it, mostly due to my mental health. I want to practice it daily again.
    - Manage my mental health, somehow. I am used to constantly being triggered near 24/7 and have a lot of bad habits (mostly my anger issues). I want to be a more calm, loving person again.
    - Get my diet on track by not binging, keeping a workout schedule, and monitor my fat + sugar intake so my IBS stops flaring up so much.
    - Really just get my life together, finally.
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  18. 1. Hit my ugw by end of March/early April (should be doable with my current exercise/intake)
    2. Give small gifts/tokens of appreciation to everyone important in my life over the next year, to force me to think of them more often and consider things that they might like (I made a list with target dates to send them things by, mostly birthdays)
    3. Track my money like I track calories (dwnloaded an app and set it all up already -- if I can do it with calories, wtf not?)
    4. Tell my doctor if I'm going off my meds, no more off-roading!
    5. Travel outside of the country at least once before this time next year

    BONUS: Get a new fcking job.
  19. I have a billion, and I'm still trying to narrow them down into a few feasible ones, but the musts are:

    1. Lose at least 30 lbs
    2. Create one accountability thread and stick to it all year
    3. No binging
    4. Save up and go on vacation to Hawaii
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  20. I just want to create a life that makes me happy. I'm kind of miserable in my current situation. I'm not sure how to attain this more concretely, but I think an abstract goal is a decent start.