Post your New Year's Resolutions!

Discussion in 'ED General' started by negative_space, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Lose weight (28.6lbs is the goal)
    Quit smoking
    Quit caffeine addiction (or at least switch to something w/o cals)
    Exercise? not too sure how much I care about this really
    Pay off at least 15,000 of my debt
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  2. I think it's great that so many people have selfcare goals this year. So lovely!
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  3. Lose 25 lbs to reach my GW (150) and then hopefully get to my UGW (120).
    I also really hope to keep up on health and hygiene and loads of self care.
  4. Don't die or get hospitalised.
  5. Ohh I haven't really thought about it because 2018 went so fast but lets make it official.

    -Lose weight obv
    -Look after my body and soul
    -Make sure to shampoo AND condition my hair regularly as sometimes I only have a shower without washing my hair
    -Eat more nourishing food
    -Actually save some money for once
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  6. quit smoking
    stop bingeing
    read more
    get back into yoga
    ~10,000 steps/day
    ~1400 kcals/day
    stay on top of personal hygiene
    be nicer to family
    get as much sunlight as possible

    : ) Hope we all have a better 2019 than 2018
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  7. go back to the weight i was in 2016, the year I peeeaaaaked. also get back into sewing and knitting, maybe painting too. also get a job again
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  8. Loose weight and become more productive in general
  9. - loose weight
    - be more positive
    - figure out what I wanna do like for a job
    - find some decent friends
    - stick to some kind of a routine
    - try more things
  10. Eat more protein
  11. - reach my ugw by the end of the year
    - complete my BASc in psych and graduate with distinction
    - spend time on my hobbies at least a couple times a week
    - do little rituals based on the phases of the moon
    - 15-20+ min of daily mindfulness practice
    - complete 8 week mindfulness course
    - respond to texts/emails/messages within the day I get them (I'm so bad for this and it makes me feel really guilty)
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  12. End 2019 at a lower weight (>10 lb) than when I start it
    Overeat/binge less
    Try really hard to do well at my new job
    Read more
    Journal more
    Learn a new hobby &/or revive an old hobby
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  13. -Lose about 50lbs in 6 months
    -Grow our my hair
    -Get at least a 1300 on my SAT & a 34 on my ACT
    -Get accepted into some of my dream colleges
    -Get a full ride or a large scholarship
    -Get healthy enough to walk bleachers without almost passing out
    -Keep above a 4.0 GPA
    -Clear my mind and create a happy place for myself
    -Do every Blogilates video of the year and every calendar
    -Drink more water
    -Cut our sugar and dairy
  14. I love knitting! It’s the best. That’s a good New Years resolution. I suppose I always pick resolutions that are like maximum difficulty and rarely involve enjoying myself, so I didn’t think of it.
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  15. Switch back to my vegetarian diet and focus more on cross country. I know pretty lame

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  16. I’m super curious about your rituals. I have been so bad this year lol I’d love to have what you do for yours.
  17. - Lose weight
    - Stop binging
    - Stop my "all or nothing" thinking
    - Start exercising and being more active
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  18. I've never really done this kind of thing before so I do have a general sense of what I want to do but I'm sure I'll make changes within the first couple months as I can try out what works and what doesn't. Anyways, here's the current plan!

    new moon: make goal(s) for the month, spend some time on a hobby to recharge my energy
    crescent moon: create a more concrete plan of how I'll achieve my goal(s)
    first quarter moon: get the hardest/most tedious stuff on my schedule out of the way, do anything I've been putting off
    waxing gibbous moon: assess how goals are progressing so far, make adjustments
    full moon: practice self care, meditate with rose quartz to try to manifest more positivity
    waning gibbous moon: shadow work, appreciate the positive
    third quarter moon: therapy exercises, clean/cleanse my room
    waning moon: journaling, more self care time
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  19. this is great! for some reason this is call me to bullet journal again. I'm usually in manifesting mode, trying to drum up energy and positivity around my goals and reading tarot, that kind of thing, but I don't usually do any of the other things that you mention on this list. Occasionally, i'll burn things on a new moon that i want to cast out of my life but I've only done that a couple times since i was a kid.

    let's start a witching thread! i want to get nerdy about this but i don't want to hog this thread with it haha.
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  20. That's a cool idea, I really like the idea of burning things to cast them out on the new moon.

    And sure, I'm down! It's always interesting to learn about the ways other people do things and sometimes you get ideas for yourself in the process.