Post your New Year's Resolutions!

Discussion in 'ED General' started by negative_space, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Quit cigarettes.
    Smoke less weed.
    Be kinder. To my family in particular.
    Grow the fuck up?
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  2. witching thread

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  3. oh i like being "kinder to my family". that's so tough. <3
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  4. Have this year be the year I end up killing myself... Still holding out.
  5. Stop binging
    Lose 20/25 pounds
    Being entirely vegan
    Take care of my skin
    Walk/ run as much as I can
    Stop planning my death
    Save money

    Hopefully everything is going to work out somehow.
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  6. Basically: get back to my 2015 self.

    Lose 40 pounds.
    Eat mostly unprocessed food. Sugary things (at most) twice a week. Get back into cooking, esp. soups. Start food prepping, esp. salads.
    Track calories.

    Self care at least twice a week (i.e. Yoga plus pedicure)
    At least 9000 steps each day.
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  7. I know that feeling. : \ if you ever need to talk I’m a card carrying member of the sad girls club since 2004. Happy to lend an ear <3
  8. learn more
    get my driver license
    dont hurt yourself by eating shitty food
    be nice to people and have some social life
    and the most important: lose weight
  9. 1. Stop vaping completely, even 0mg nicotine
    2. See a gastroenterologist and tackle this acid reflux problem
    3. Get back down to double digit weight and eat no more than 1000 a day
    4. Cut down on evening snacking, only 200 calories worth of snacks max
    5. More water
    6. Either start going to the gym again or cancel my membership and do home workouts, I can't keep paying for a membership I'm not using and still not working out like I'm doing now
    7. Go to church consistently and become more involved
    8. Hang out with friends more, don't isolate myself as much
  10. be completely purge free the entire year
    i recently just have to go into the hospital twice for emergency potassium/electolyte imbalance and my doctor was basically like straight up, if you dont stop you're gonna die
    i know there will be times when i "binge" or have to eat more than i would feed myself
    but purging, no. never again. it's had it's ugly claws over my face prying them down the back of my throat for too long. i hate it, and shock/exposure therapy finally worked. it is behind me.
  11. Work out on a regular basis to get toned :cool:
    Start meditating (if it works for me and I don't end up panicking or something, haven't done it in years)
    Eat my vegetables
  12. Mine is to focus on me more and to care less about how it effects others. Don't get me wrong I am not gunna become a heartless b*tch... but I feel like I miss out on so much because I am worried about what other's are thinking and feeling.
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  13. 1. Stop oversharing. Or sharing at all. Need to learn to shut up and stop oversharing about my stupid mundane issues to friends who don't need to hear it when they have their own issues to deal with

    2. Probably try and actually recover
  14. ♡ Get to the 160's by my birthday on 3/4
    ♡ Have my cavities filled sooner than later
    ♡ Find a few more exercises I like

    ♡ Get to a "normal" weight (for me that's 140)
    ♡ Be more "green"
    ♡ Hydrate!

    And find more friends lol
  15. -lose 5lb a month until i hit my goal weight
    -wake up early and take my dog for a walk everyday
    -pay off my car
    -save up enough money to go on my dream vacation
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  16. -throw away my scale once i'm down exactly 8 lbs
    -go to barcelona
    -actually invest in the business i registered during a manic episode last may lol
    -assume an honest, quiet, and subtly confident demeanor
    -not give up on my dreams
    -but maybe also die
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  17. I have more lol

    - eat healthier at least sometimes
    - workout every day at least 20 mins
    - drink less
    - leave the house more
    - keep my room tidy so I can get a dog (I really wanna do this since my dad promised me and I’ve wanted a dog since I was like 2)
  18. Lose my treatment weight and stay out of hospital
    Do well in my uni term
    Find a job (that doesn't suck)
  19. Start driving, stretch more, get a job and lose weight x)

  20. to take shorter showers

    to recover.

    basically it