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Ramen mono?

Discussion in 'Diet Results' started by HereInSecret, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. so ya know that cheap stuff? like, $2 for 20 packets of ramen?

    it’s 380 cal per pack of ramen (chicken flavor). i was wondering if anyone’s ever tried eating just ramen? if i eat two a day that’s still less than 800 cal, so besides water weight from the sodium do you think i’d lose?

    if anyone’s tried this please lmk

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  2. These monos are a fast ticket to a hospital and an IV full of crap you're deficient in

    Eat 800 cals of balanced nutrition and you can be healthy enough to enjoy your goal weight on two legs, upright and walking

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  3. I know a guy who had to go to hospital when We were in high school because his parents went abroad for like a month and left him home (he was 18) and all he ate was packaged ramen

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  4. But yes if you’re in a calorie deficit you’ll lose.
    I used to eat a pack of ramen and a pack hot tameles every second day, and Omad takeout dinners on weekends when I was uni and I lost like 10 kgs in 2 months: from 63kgs to 53.

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  5. i tried this for five days and lost four and a half lbs!! i only had one packet a day!

    i personally didn't have any issues.
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  6. I was totally thinking of doing the same thing ahhh!!!
    it's cheap, filling, and easy to portion control!!
    if taking vitamins at the same time maybe not so bad??
  7. is it really only 380? might want to double check how many servings in a pack. when i do get ramen i get it from the korean market and it's usually 600ish cals
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  8. Korean ramen packs are bigger than the typical American ones, I think.
  9. ahh okay, yeah i checked the "top ramen" pack picture online and op is right
  10. Makes me think of my mate who got scurvy because all she ate was ramen and beer lol