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safe foods that became fear foods?

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by duskedfur, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. for me it was pickles, 100%. they used to be my top restriction food bc basically no calories, kinda filling, taste amazing? sign me the fuck up. since then i’ve developed a massive fear of sodium and water retention and i’ve stayed the hell away from pickles ever since. i get bloated really easily since i’ve stopped purging for good and now i’m terrified of anything that could make it worse. there’s a jar of pickles in my fridge rn that i haven’t even touched, a few months ago they would have been gone in a week. anyone else gone through something like this?

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  2. definitely!
    had the same thing with oatmeal, watermelon and soy yoghurt
  3. Apples. Most apples are 100 calories and that’s a nope. And they make me feel hungry
  4. Seconding apples. I get too stressed out to eat a whole one anymore and I avoid them like the plague.
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  5. Oatmeal. I used to have it almost all the time but now I get so stressed over the idea of it
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  6. ALL the food lmao

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  7. POPCORN definitely. Skinny pop was amazing when I first discovered it, however.. I found that I started eating the entire damn bag at once because it's so delicious and hard to portion control with such a huge bag of it. The entire bag
    I BELIEVE is around 630 calories so
    it's over my limit by 30 calories dnksnfkakamsnaoxkao

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  9. Bananas, idk I used to restrict on solely bananas and I guess somewhere along the way I decided there was too many cals for not enough bulk??
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  10. Cauliflower rice, it's very low cal but it causes bloat to me which gives me a lot of anxiety so I ended up binging or purging

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  11. yogurt. i used to eat it for all three meals, ick.
  12. Shirataki noodles. I for some reason decide that low cal should be zero cal and zero food weight so I purge them. I just don't eat them anymore.
    Vegetables are hideously safe for me though, thank God.
  13. at the worst point i was afraid of everything.. even meat..or vegetables or fruits.. now..too much brain fog to even be afraid of something
  14. Rice. I still like it but I'm terrified of eating it because holy fuck it makes me bloat and retain water like nothing else.
    Feta used to be pretty safe for me but I realised how awful the portion control is when anyone except me makes anything with feta in it.
  15. Everyone who said apples and fruits....yup...
    Vegetable patties used to be safe but my brain hates the macros now....also corn? She's not safe either now
  16. Halo Top. I used to be able to eat lower cals during the day to save the calories for Halo Top in the evening, but now it just triggers a binge regardless of my intake.
    Avocado. I used to be able to justify the calories high fat, and I'd eat just half of one. But now I just can't. It's too overwhelming.
    Really dark chocolate (like 80% or higher). I used to be able to portion it out and eat only 2-3 squares at a time, but that doesn't happen anymore.
  17. So many things. It'll be my safe food for a while but then I'm like "are the calories even worth it?" A while back it was canned carrots but I haven't ate them since because I feel like it's too many calories. Oats go back and forth day to day. And apples. I used to think "it's an apple, safe right?" but then I realized that 100 calories is too much for too little. I have so many fear foods and quite a bit of food goes from fear food to safe food daily.
  18. Carrots. I would eat so many that my lips would turn orange and that kinda just turned me off of them.