sens tries different diets (and prolly fails a lot)

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  1. I'm sorry. :( Since you chose the fruit though, that probably just means you needed the nutrients and sugar. Please don't beat yourself up too bad. 300-350 isn't even much, considering how low your limits have been. It's really hard to keep a deficit more than 25% of your TDEE. I'm glad you're going to try again.

    I think a couple maintenance days a week is a good idea. I know it's easier said than done mentally, but it might help.
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  2. Thank you @Kale!!

    I ended up eating a can of tuna (110 kcal) and 2 small pears as well (120 kcal). Now I'm feeling much more alert and not hungry and not craving anything and just chilling in my bed soon going to sleep. Total kcals will be 1471 which is a lot more than my limit but yeah, nothing u can do abt it anymore. I won't do an update here tomorrow of what I ate today so typing this all now so I don't forget it.

    If I'd raise one day of the weekend (preferably Saturday) to 1600 kcal, I think I could succeed better? It's deffo worth of trying. I won't have a day like that this week cause today kinda was that lol. But maybe next week I'll try it and see what happens.

    Ya guys r so nice and amazing and helping me to get some sense to my head. :emoji_two_hearts:
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  4. Sorry to hear you've been struggling!! I hope that you're okay and that you don't put yourself down too much. As @Gengogakusha said one failed day isn't the worst. As much as it might suck, if your body needs nutrients it needs nutrients and considering the cal limits are low anyway you could eat like double and it'd still be considered restriction! Good luck with the rest of the diet :-) <3
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  5. Thank you so much @djavulenstarar!!! You're absolutely right. And I hope your journey w this diet goes smoother than mine. :emoji_heartpulse:
  6. I gained 400 g from yesterday. I didn't wanna eat breakfast cause I want to punish myself for it but I gotta go to therapy in 30 mins and then I have 3 hours of lectures so I'll be home at 4 PM. I had to eat smth so I made myself an omelette; it has less kcals than my usual oatmeal and it doesn't make me feel so heavy. Plus it's a great source of protein. I guess that's a compromise?

    Planning to have a salad and my usual breakfast oatmeal after I get home from uni. I'm also gonna try n start exercising a bit at home cause maybe that helps w weight loss? My psychiatrist also thinks I should exercise. Guess he thinks I'm a fat ass which I am. :emoji_see_no_evil:
  7. I bet your psychiatrist is suggesting exercise to help with your mood. Exercise is supposed to help with depression! And you are NOT a fat anything, you're just struggling with an ed. ((Hugs))
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  8. @lentils is right! Exercise is strongly correlated to improvements in depression and anxiety. You'll get double value from it if you take a walk or whatever outside in the sun, since sunlight also stimulates Vitamin D production, and Vitamin D is also strongly correlated to decreased depression and anxiety. :)
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  9. Ty u both, ofc ur right! My psychiatrist ALWAYS ALWAYS gives me a big lecture abt 3 things that should be working in ur life before ur mental issues can be solved: sleep, food and exercising. I used to be fucking up my sleep and exercising but now it's food and exercising... but maybe if I get to exercising a bit, it's only food that I'm missing out lmao. :/

    Now it's 9 PM and I'm making cinnamon buns for my mom... I so badly want to eat that raw dough cause it's the bomb but ofc I can't cause sugar free challenge. Gotta just smell them and admire them but not to eat any of them.
  10. HSGD: DAY 11 (14/03/2019)


    an omelette w 2 eggs, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms + a cup of coffee w oat milk (213)


    Lunch: salad (236)


    Dinner: oatmeal

    TOTAL: 976/1000

    I rly gotta go rn so I'll quickly add pics of the cinnamon buns I made yesterday and then go (I didn't even taste the dough):

    20190314_211439.jpg 20190314_212842.jpg
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    I GOT THE JOB I APPLIED FOR!!!!!!! I guess I nailed the interview.

    I bought a small (375 ml) bottle of white wine to celebrate. And some (150 g) salmon (I never eat it cause it's so expensive but THIS IS A SPECIAL OCCASION). I decided I won't count my kcals today and I'll just eat how much I want. I didn't buy any junk food tho so this won't be like that. I'll be eating fresh fruits, veggies, salmon, a bit of healthy non-white pasta with pesto and wine.

    I'll take pics of all the meals I consume today! And tomorrow I'll get back on track w this diet.

    I'm just too damn happy to care abt calories today. :) This is my absolutely dream job and I got it so YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
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  12. Congratulations!

    And enjoy your salmon, salmon is life <3
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  13. Salmon is one of my fav foods deffo!!!! So so good (unless it's cooked too long n then it's dry). I just had my salmon piece w one portion of pasta (the package said 1 portion = 70 g so I went w that), pesto and a few tomatoes. I managed to cook the salmon to PERFECTION, it wasn't dry at all, instead it was very very smooth and juicy and gahhhh. Then I had a kinda big bowl of fruit salad as dessert.

    AAAAAA I'm rly happy rn haha.
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  14. Congratulations on the job and congratulations on letting yourself celebrate!!
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  15. Tomorrow I have to fast, I fucked up so bad today. I've eating so much.... and my sweet tooth got real so I made pancakes (no sugar!) but even those didn't help so I ended up binging a tube of ice cream (360 kcal peanut butter n vegan) but yeah... it had sugar...

    I'm feeling so physically sick rn that I might puke for real just bc I feel so full n sick.

    Fasting tomorrow, then idk continuing this diet???? Maybe???
  16. Tomorrow is a new day. You don't have to punish yourself. Just start again.
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  17. CONGRATULATIONS on the job! That's great! :)

    Sometimes even positive excitement also sets me up for binge type stuff later. It will be okay. I totally understand the urge to fast it off, but maybe it would be better just to go back to your regular routine for a few days, so that you aren't setting yourself up for another binge just from the rebound. Idk, some people do better one way, some the other.
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  18. Thank you both @lentils and @Kale !! (Funny you both are named after foods I like lmao.)

    I decided to START OVER HSGD cause it still bothers me that I failed it that day when I looked at the kcals wrong (after that everything went downhill cause I failed once > no future failings mattered to me anymore). So I'll restart this on Monday. Prolly a bit stupid since I've done this 2 weeks already but lol idc.

    And I'm trying to fast today (w smoothies) but possibly eating a bowl of oatmeal if I feel like failing or smth. Nevertheless, I'm trying to keep my kcals under 800. I didn't weight myself this morning CAUSE I FEEL SO FUCKING FAT and I'm sure I've gained like 2 kg from yesterday. That's part of the reason why I wanna fast/half-fast today.
  19. Haha yeah binged I got so anxious at the academy that I just wanted to eat everything and I sure did that.

    Tomorrow I will get back to my diet. I will. I don't wanna gain any more weight than I already have.
  20. Good luck and be safe!!
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