Should the site be fully private?

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Should Pancake be completely private from visitors?

  1. Yes

    180 vote(s)
  2. No

    34 vote(s)
  3. Other (Please explain)

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  1. Don't really know anyone who found pancake not through another ed site, I think it would be nice if it where private and I don't think it would affect the growth all that much...
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  2. Personally I would rather the site was hidden. But it's up to you as I think you're doing a good job in giving us all a voice. But as always I would go with what the majority think.
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  3. i really like the idea of going private ! i'm not too worried about anyone i know finding my account here but i think the additional privacy would just feel nice. I also like the ideas others have posted about post minimums when it comes to gaining full access to the site. also i found pancake through ogmpa so i feel like going private won't prevent overall growth of the site if a lot of them are coming from other ed sites like many of us did
  4. Since some here haven't yet noticed, I am pleased to report that the site now seems to be fully private, save this board and the Help and Suggestions board! Thank you @Anamanaguchi for hearing us out!
  5. Hello, I haven't logged in to this site a lot and missed all the discussion but I want to say thank you for making this site private! I deleted my acc on ogMPA because I know my friend go to that site sometimes out of curiosity (also bc she's studying nutrition) and it seemed like she knew my username there (and here, so i changed my user name to be safe). I don't think she knows this site exist yet, so I feel much more secure now :)
  6. I know that my boyfriend, soon to be an MD knows about ogMPA but I don't think he knows about this MPA. I also have another friend that will sometimes visit the OG out of curiosity... The thought of full on privacy is comforting, especially since we need to make posts in order to open up more of the site to us once we do register. (I'm just now doing so since I'm only now switching over bit by bit. Thank you for this site by the way, so very, very much.)
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  7. no i dont think so
  8. Is there a reason why you feel this way?
  9. I wouldn't be opposed to it necisarily but I think it's helpful for people to scroll through it and see what mpa is before they make an account. I can't imagine someone making an account on a site just because of the name...

    I remember I found mpa1 from googling about food things (didnt know I had an ed yet) and it usually had helpful threads. I eventually made an account because of that.
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  10. I think it should be fully private but the resources for ED recovery should be viewable to anyone.
  11. I completely agree with this.
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  12. I don’t think so. Even if it’s ‘private’ people can still sign up and snoop around, it takes 30 seconds probably? If it’s a platform to help people with a disorder it should focus on that. Who cares if others come on here? They probably have their own reasons to do so.
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  13. The only downside to having everything private that I can think of is, we may actually end up getting more people without EDs (who don't get what kind of site this is because it's private) sign up. I would hate for anything to happen to this site if it's flagged as dangerous or whatever.

    But other than that, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives so... I'd say I'm for privatisation.
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  14. We have the rules page and some other stuff visible I believe.
  15. Thanks for making the site private.
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  16. Agreed!! It makes me feel loads safer
  17. Seen a big upturn in people since the site went private. More people are active too which is nice. So I wanted to say well done for this suggestion. Gives people more peace of mind.