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Should the site be fully private?

Discussion in 'Rules & Announcements' started by anamanaguchi, Mar 24, 2019.


Should Pancake be completely private from visitors?

  1. Yes

    286 vote(s)
  2. No

    61 vote(s)
  3. Other (Please explain)

    10 vote(s)
  1. I hate that, it always makes me sad
  2. It would make this place even safer for everyone.
  3. i kinda think the system you have at the moment is right?

    having to make 15 posts to me able to see more, then 50 + other factors to get access to more is just about right.

    if i'd seen a site called mypancakeaddiction, i'd never assume it would be a safe haven for me,,, it just sounds like a foodie site. if i wasn't on myproana then i'd never have actually made an account here and i'd be missing out.

    maybe an option to make the posts visible to people when they only have 15 posts could help? for added privacy without alienating new members or people who don't have the same level of patience needed for the tier system.
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  4. i don't mind if it's fully private or not but the 15 day waiting time is killing me Lol. i already have over 2 full days online
  5. It will be worth it :)
    I’ve been on forums with several layers of privacy where you only gained full access to the the second-to-last-deepest level if you have been an active member (games etc not counting) for several months. Deepest level was for members who have met in person. So yeah, this is nothing and will go by very quickly :)
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  6. the few forums ive been on like that have been very offputting. it always resulted in little cliques where the older members were treated better than newer players. like rules didnt apply to them. personally i prefer an even place
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  7. luckily our system is very minimal in that respect. waiting 15 days means that trolls don’t just make their posts and suddenly have the whole forum unlocked - the people who come on here actually need our love and support. hugs!! <3
  8. I love this response <3 It's great how aware you are that most of the people who come across this sight come here for love and support. I know there is a huge troll problem on the internet, but it's great that you are open to support the newbies that need help.
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  9. I see a lot of people in here still commenting about how no one will join if they don't know what we're about, or just the name won't tell anyone what we do here. I feel it's worth noting that one of the boards that's available for everyone to view is this one: Rules and Announcements. Underneath that board's name it says, "Please read the pinned topics in this forum before doing anything else."
    When you open this board and look at the pinned topics, the second one on the list is a thread titled "Who We Are" and it explains exactly what this site is and what we're about, as well as why we're private.

    We aren't going to show up in google as a support site without directly searching the name, but neither does MPA1. You'd have to be "in the know" about eating disorder forums or supposed "pro-ana" (which we aren't) to find MPA 1 as well, so I don't think it's really an issue. We've been private for three months now, and I see no signs of cliquey behavior yet, and have actually seen more new member engagement lately. Thus far, it seems like a change for the better overall. This is a really healthy community in terms of support, for new members and veterans, and I'm honestly really proud of us.
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