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Which Sims is your favorite?

  1. The Sims

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  2. The Sims 2

  3. The Sims 3

  4. The Sims 4

  5. Tie between 2 or more versions

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    • Which versions have you played?
    • Which is your favorite? Why?
    • Do you have a lot of expansion packs and stuff packs? Do you use CC?
    • What is your gameplay style? What do you like to do?
    • Any funny stories about what your Sims have done?
    • What do you dislike about the game?

    I actually haven't played in a verrrrry long time, and I mean maybe more than a year. I miss it, but I don't know when I can play again. I prefer to spend several hours at a time playing and I don't have time for it anymore.

    Short answers to some of my own questions:

    • I've played 1, 2, and 3. I am not interested in ever playing 4.
    • The Sims 3 is my favorite.
    • I love expansion packs, but if you use too many, things can get laggy. I have a lot of stuff packs but don't use CC.
    • I do legacy gameplay where I make a bunch of families, make them have kids, raise the kids to adults and have them marry and create a new generation to play and do the same thing over etc. I play rotationally where I will play one household for a while (like at least one week in Sim time) and then move on to another one and so on.
    • I'm picky about my game so I do use mods to "fix" some parts of the gameplay that I don't like. Like I hate story progression and turning it off in-game isn't "off" enough, if you know what I mean. And other stuff I can't think of right now. I hate how laggy and crashy TS3 can be but I understand why it is, compared to the other versions.

    LONG details about my gameplay haha (not sure why there are 2 spoilers, I only put in one)

    The reason I won't play 4 is just because 3 is perfect for me, and the gameplay of 4 takes away all of the things that I like personally (primarily the open world thing). I also don't like how the animation looks.

    The Sims 3 is my absolute favorite. I love the open world concept, the way you can make your Sim walk out his or her house and walk anywhere and the camera will follow. For some reason I love sending my Sim out to pick up rocks or seeds from the ground, it's really relaxing. Watching them work in the garden is really pleasant too. Unfortunately, the open world also causes TS3 to be extremely laggy and crashy, which gets worse and worse the longer you play... and since I also do legacy gameplay so basically I'm fucked haha. I've started my game over from scratch so many times, esp because for years I didn't know how to back up my save files, so if my game got messed up I'd do a fresh reinstall but lost all my families ugh.

    Rotational Legacy Gameplay
    The way I legacy play is first I create around 10 or 12 couples. (In this first generation I make them all cis-hetero couples bc I like to propagate their genetics, but when their kids intermarry I make a mix of hetero and gay couples.) I make houses for all of them... tbh I suck at building, but I also hate the premade homes. Each family has a signature color or set of colors, like I have one family where their clothing, furniture, house decor etc is all black and white, another family that's primarily purple, etc.

    I have a list of my families written down so that I can rotate through and make sure I play all of them. I use a mod because I can turn aging off for all my inactive households, I like my active household to be the only one where people are aging or stuff is happening, since I have so many families that's the only way the neighborhood can age together.

    Sometimes I also make pop culture Sims... specifically Harry Potter, Dark Shadows and Dallas (weird combo I know). I try to make houses that look like the houses from the shows (and Hogwarts in the case of HP) and it is super time consuming lmao.

    Expansion and Stuff Packs
    For the Sims 3, I have World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Into the Future, and I think I have Showtime but I'm not sure lol. My Sims almost never have time to take vacations, but I did have the chance to send one of my families briefly to Egypt and it is SO. FREAKING. FUN. I want to do it more, I didn't keep them there long enough to do some of those quests they offer you haha. I don't use the time travel thing in Into the Future, I just needed to have all that badass futuristic furniture and clothing and wall textures etc.

    For stuff packs, I have High-End Loft, Town Life, Master Suite, Diesel, 70s 80s 90s, and Movie Stuff. I might have Outdoor Living but I can't remember.

    I'm scared to use CC lol. I always think it's going to have a bug or be corrupted and crash my game or something, so I just use stuff packs and I also have bought a decent amount of stuff from the Sims Store, they have a lot of nice content, and they did give out some free Sim Points so that helped.

    Funny Stories
    My Sim was throwing a party. I decided to lock their bedroom and upstairs bathroom door so that guests wouldn't try to go all the way up there to use the restroom. Well apparently one of my guests was already in the house, and he spent the entire time in the bathroom and when he couldn't get out, he sat on the toilet to read a book... like I didn't even know that was a thing lmao
    Another book related one: My mom's sim has the Introverted trait and the Book Lover or whatever that one's called, and her she pulled out a book and started reading during my wedding reception. I had to show my mom the screenshot, because it looks like something she'd like to do in real life instead of socializing haha.

    • Even when I have story progression off sometimes my sims will do things that I don't want them to do, while I'm gone. Like one time I switched households and one of my sims, who I think of as a very good, loyal, family man type, was having an affair. Ummmmm NOPE. Also a couple times I have switched to a household and the couple's relationship score is like in the toilet and it takes me like 2 sim weeks to get them to like each other again, ugh
    • My game has this bug where I switch to a household and for some reason their baby is lying on the square directly in front of the front door. I can't have a sim walk over and pick the baby up because they can't get out the door. I have to enable Move Objects On to move the baby lol

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  1. I love this post. Thank you

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  2. played all of them and sims 2 is the best one, i love cc and making cute demon lesbians
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  3. the sims 2, 3 and 4

    Sims 3 is my favorite and I don't even know why. But I've been playing so much the sims 4 that I can't play the 3 anymore. I don't know it feels weird

    I have almost all of the sims 3 expansion packs and a few of the sims 4. I couldn't live without CC lol

    I create a sim similar to me but pretty and happy (lol) and give her a wife and a baby and I just keep playing generation after generation

    I remember when I used to play the sims 2 and my sims were getting married but the bride ran away and died??? lol I was shocked

    Can't think of anything I dislike right now but I always find their outfits extremely ugly and I hate hate the supernatural expansion pack
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    I didn't find out about the Sims until Sims 3, so that one will always be a favorite of mine.
    But overall I prefer Sims 4 due to the smoother functioning and cas capabilities. I got really sick of the clothing being gender restricted in the Sims 3 and didn't use a lot of mods or cc back then.

    EDIT: Just noticed there were questions...haha. Answers in spoiler below

    1) Which versions have you played?
    Sims 3 and Sims 4, have played a day or two in Sims 2.

    2) Which is your favorite? Why?
    Sims 4, less crashes on my computer and less gender restriction in cas by default.

    3) Do you have a lot of expansion packs and stuff packs? Do you use CC?
    All expansions for Sims 2 (got all but base through an origin code a while back). All expansions with some stuff packs for Sims 3. All expansions, game packs, and stuff packs for Sims 4. I didn't use a lot of cc or mods in Sims 3, but use a good amount in Sims 4 (although trying to cut back, it became too much at one point).

    4) What is your gameplay style? What do you like to do?
    I like to build and create Sims for the world usually. I mostly play one family for a long time, but I usually push some of the townies into certain stories I want.

    5) Any funny stories about what your Sims have done?
    Can't think of any atm...gah I'm blanking. : /

    6) What do you dislike about the game?
    For Sims 3, the crashing mostly. For Sims 4, the fact that there are a lot of things broken up into different packs that weren't for the Sims 3.

    Edit, again. I forgot I had the Sims 3 for Wii forever ago! It was actually my sister's, but I kept playing it when she wasn't. That was actually the first Sim game I played. The restrictions were horrid, but it led me to the PC versions. I still like to go back to that game periodically for memories sake though.
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  5. I have played since the sims 2. With 2 I only had the basegame, with 3 and 4 I have all expensions till date. I do really love the looks of the sims 4 but I think I still favour 3 because of the open world. I really notice that my sims barley have a social life because I hate having only one sim going to meet friends or something when the rest of the family is just at home doing nothing. I'm mostly focus on family and career and sometimes get annoyed that My sims are basically only at work or working on skills to get another promotion. I wich I could put a bit more story into it but simply don't find the time in-game.
  6. Okay, first, I've been a sim addict for all long as I can remember lol.


    I have all the sims discs, from 1 - 4, including the base (of course lol) and all expansions / accesories. Yes, I've spent hell of a lot money on it.

    Of course I started with the sims 1. I was immediately totally in love with the gameplay itself. I still remember there was a "first custom family" called "Groentje (in dutch)". I could play it for hours. Though I bought the expansions a whole lot later and played the base game itself a long time. They were still expensive back then, around 20-30 euros for an expansion pack (and now they throw it away for almost nothing lol)

    Then there was sims 2. I also discovered those awesome custom clothing downloads; spending my time downloading everything and anything on the internet for my game. I always asked for an expansion as a birthday gift/christmas present etc. Money I got from my family went straight to my sims collection XD The graphics were so much better compared to the first series of course (but when I look back now, having the sims 4, they are rather shit). I really loved the whole new pregnancy gameplay, bc in sims 1 you only got that baby crib. Also the introduction of toddlers and elders were one of my favourite additions.

    Sims 3. To be honest, I was rather disappointed in this one. The graphics were quite weird in my opinion; kinda "clay puppets". Also the camera options were quite difficult/different. They were a lot of new social options, to my joy. The expansions were great, supernatural was my absolute favourite!

    And then, my favourite, sims 4! I bought the base game myself, but downloaded the further expansions (woops). Also, spent/spending my time on downloading tons of mods and cc! I really like the sims 4: a lot of activities, challenges, nice graphics, endless possibilities, ... I kinda miss some content from the sims 3, like the supernatural beings (though there are already some mods for "solving" this missing content) and the island expansion. Also the "get famous" one is pretty good. However, I think there have been a lot of updates, mostly not free, like the toddlers/vampires/pools/ etc stuff. The last new disc, strangeville, is not really my thing. I'm hoping for some totally new content, but it will probably take some time before EA will release something new.

    I've been playing sims on pc, also sometimes I do play sims mobile on my phone and sims freeplay (also on my phone or ipad). Played the sims once at playstation but didn't like it at all on that platform.
    Sims is a great distraction for me. I'm just so in love with those roleplay games, those life simulation games are bae. I also love creating sims and building houses with those magnificent cc out there.

    I've always wondered if they are planning to bring out sims 5 though.

    Oh, what I dislike about the game ... : it makes my pc very slow. Also the cc / mod downloading causes a lot of conflicts in my game (but yea that's rather my own fault XD). The price is also a sad story, if you decide to buy everything from the store.

    I used to have a rather basic gameplay: getting promotion, getting rich, pregnant, have a big family, cheat with the maid etc. Now, I pay more attention to the aspirations, trying to fullfill them; also focusing on upping the skills from my sim and make them a master in a certain task/field (like growing into a master gardener, becoming a level 10 scientist, become a super cook, ...)

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  7. I never played 1 and 2, so I can only compare Sims 3 and 4.

    Sims3 is my clear favorite between the two of them. I just loved the Sims3 base game and the expansion packs (I only had a select few though). My approach was to create one or more Sims and then have them, depending on the expansion pack I was currently obsessed with, fully explore any and all options of that expansion pack. I think my favorite outcomes ever were the plant sims. I played for hours, sometimes daily, over weeks and weeks whenever an expansion that I wanted came out, during my time as a student. I stopped playing a lot eventually and just occasionally played for a bit.

    When Sims4 came along I was fully integrated into a full-time job with so many obligations each day, I just couldn't justify playing any more, so I played on several weekends but never got really into it. I won't be buying more expansion packs.
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  8. * Which versions have you played?
    I started with sims 1、played sims 2、sims 3、and sims 4. Including console versions of some of then. And the extra story ones (castaway、pets). I may be slightly obsessed.

    * Which is your favorite? Why?
    My favourite is sims 3. I enjoy how open world it is、the story progression、and a lot of the expansions for it. As well as the ability to change the colour and texture of everything. It just feels full of so much、it's hard to get bored.

    * Do you have a lot of expansion packs and stuff packs? Do you use CC?
    For sims 1、I have the deluxe edition and about 3 or 4 expansions. For sims 2、I own everything、as I had grabbed the bundle when it was free. For sims 3、I own most the expansions、and only 1 or 2 stuff packs. I stopped getting more when the game told me to disable packs to make it work better. For sims 4、I own everything.

    As for CC、I have quite a few for each game. Usually for game changing mods I only use stuff to enhance gameplay、add in new life states for sims 4、or fix things. Such as higher bill mods and lower pay. As becoming millionaires is just a bit too easy for me. But I also use a lot of CAS items and have over 200 CAS CC per sims 2 to 4. Specially as I like more realistic and sims 4 is very cartoony. I also make mods myself. Usually just retextures. Wallpaper、eye colours、tattoos、changing colour of items、flooring and adding pictures. I'm trying to get into making traits and aspirations for sims 4 currently.

    * What is your gameplay style? What do you like to do?
    I tend to change it up. Sometimes I have a story or theme I'm playing. Sometimes I play generations. Or I make sims of people I know and stick them in a world together. This is less fun to do in the sims without story progression though. Sometimes I attempt the challenges i find.

    * Any funny stories about what your Sims have done?
    The most recent thing that was funny I can think of、was my sims glitching out holding a broom and looking like they were gonna take off flying while cleaning. Sometimes the glitches are the best part of the game.

    * What do you dislike about the game?
    I love sims 1 and 2 for their time. They were amazing、and 2 is still great. Even if the sims 1 had a habit of just refusing to be a functional game a lot of times. But、sims 3、while I love the new features and great expansions it added. The way they made the game in an attempt to make it hard or impossoble to mod、doesn't work with my current video card very well. I have a gaming pc、and this game worked better on my laptop years ago. It's really laggy even without any expansions in. Getting a new video card and hopefully it's on the small list of approved video cards that work for sims 3 well. As for sims 4、there's a few things I enjoy. But I miss placing my own lots、story progression、cars、other lifestates. Like witch and werewolf and such. The alien state is so uninteresting compared to how they did the vampires. I hate how you can't change life states in CAS. Once you make that sim a vampire. The only way to undo it is in game. There is just less things to do in 4. Every now and then I get bored and switch to another sims. Even if 3 is laggy and sims 2 crashes every hour、I still play them.

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  9. Thanks for all your wonderful replies. Isn't it just the best game ever? It's so immersive. And you can get pretty emotionally tied up in it too lol.

    I forgot to say, I also made this one really trashy household. I made these three people to be roommates, one really fat slobby guy, one really skinny creepy old dude who I think is psycho, and one skanky girl. I made them a really nasty apartment building to live in, and tried to apply really gross looking textures to everything lmao it's actually really fun and challenging to build a place that looks nasty. Like wall textures that look like peeling paint or dirty brick, applying rusty-looking textures to plumbing fixtures and the appliances, giving them mismatched furniture and stuff.

    Also I made an arcade! It's so bomb! It has two floors, with a party room on the second floor, and then it has some outdoor stuff (like golf and hopscotch, and that game where you knock over those little figurines) on the rooftop woooo it's awesome.

    This is making me really miss my game maybe I will try and fire it up :D
  10. Yesss its an awesome and addictive game!!!

  11. Which versions have you played?
    I've actually only played Sims 3. I've considered trying the 4th one - and I might still do that at some point - but it just doesn't look as good tbh.

    Which is your favorite? Why?
    Oh, oops I guess I kinda already answered this one! S3 all the way!

    Do you have a lot of expansion packs and stuff packs? Do you use CC?
    I've got ambitions, late night, generations, supernatural, seasons, and uni life. I do use CC. I mainly use it to make my sims more aesthetic and customizable. I also suck at architectural design so I like downloading cool houses made by other people.

    What is your gameplay style? What do you like to do?
    I tend to gravitate towards creating one "perfect" sim (maxed skills, business partners for every store, etc.). They have their own family and such but the main sim is immortal so they carry on through the generations. Sometimes I'll do challenges to mix things up.

    My favourite thing I ever did was create sims based on the Greek Gods. That was super fun because they have such interesting personalities. Like with Zeus I tried to cheat on his wife as much as possible without her finding out. Hades lived alone in the basement of the house (poor guy) and was a ghost hunter for a living.

    Any funny stories about what your Sims have done?
    I was doing the lunar zodiac challenge and I invited a male vamp to stay over at my house. All seemed chill but he woke up around 4 am and randomly died. I'm still not sure what happened?? I tried to go back to an earlier save and offer him a plasma fruit in case he was thirsty but nope, he still died. It was pretty inconsiderate of him. He didn't even get my sim pregnant, which was the entire point of inviting him over.

    What do you dislike about the game?
    I think my main complaint is just how often it crashes. I also feel like they didn't quite get the timing of things right. Some activities seem to take up an unreasonable amount of time. Like socializing can be disproportionately slow to the point where you've gotten to know them and told them a joke yet almost an hour has gone by. And ghosts suck. If they're an NPC they'll do annoying things like eating your food (WHY. They're DEAD.). If you're playing as a ghost sim, they move soooo slooowly oh my god
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  12. I've started playing again for the first time in like a year!
    Remembered a couple more funny stories:

    - You know how your Sim can give and receive flowers as a romantic interaction and they go into his or her Inventory?
    Also you know how your stuff gets temporarily confiscated if your Sim gets arrested?
    Yep... had a message from the cops saying they took his belongings because "we don't want the other inmates to be jealous of your yellow flowers".

    - One of my Sims found out the hard way that you can get caught if you Woohoo in the mausoleum.
  13. I have played the console version of 2, the console and computer version of 3, and I played 4 at my cousin's house once. 3 is by far my favourite. I play with cc and mods, but sims 3 works vanilla too. I have ambitions, university, generations, supernatural, late night, island paradise, into the future, and high end loft. Playing a berrysim legacy rn
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