So I hate myself (laxatives)

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  1. So I'm considering drinking have this bottle (which I already poured) but I want to drink this prosecco too. I have a feeling it's not a good idea. should I only drink half of the half of magnesium?

    I just want to get a little buzz but I need to take the magnesium too ahh

    I mean if anything I'll just vomit everything, or my worst fear is either crapping myself or pull a chantel (if you know the outcome of her terrible threesome story).[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I cannot find information on the dose size for that laxative, but generally speaking I would suggest taking only one single dose of the laxatives and drinking 8+ oz of water with the laxative. I would wait 1-2 hours before taking the alcohol because of interactions. I would also suggest drinking more fluid (water, juice, etc) because the alcohol is dehydrating, and there is a risk that your poop will be quite stiff and solid (and therefore 1000x more painful) when the laxatives kick.