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Stay safe.

Discussion in 'Rules & Announcements' started by anamanaguchi, May 7, 2019.

  1. be careful everyone.
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  2. Sadly many people do not realise that a lot of sick individuals out there are reading forums for vulnerable people trying to find victims. Not only ED forums, but also mental health forums, and suicide related forums, and other forums where one can be vulnerable or in a not-good state of mind for that time being. Its very sad. But its the reality, and people need to be careful
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  3. You need to be careful out there! X
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  4. Thank you so much for posting this and raising awareness about the vulnerabilities people target to manipulate and control other people. It's important for everyone to be aware while online!

    Stay safe everyone. If your gut says something, I would trust it.
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  5. He should have to do more than just register as a sex offender. A forehead tattoo should be a good start.
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  6. That is disgusting
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  7. This is so disgusting. Things like this make me wish I would've gone to law school instead of art school.
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  8. Me too it's honestly disgusting. I really don't understand how somebody could do something like that to another human being but the world is a sick place.

    Please stay safe everyone
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  9. I remember hearing that they met on MPA1 but i can't find the exact thread that discussed it. It was around the time that people started leaving the site.
    It's horrible hearing about these things happening. Even if you are not a minor, I think it's a good thing if you sit down and evaluate what you want out of this community and what information you decide to share. Remember that small bits of information can be pieced together from previous posts to make a more definitive picture of who you are, so please be mindful of what you share casually.
    As a side note, there is no instance in which a "ana coach" is not trying to take advantage of you. Normal people do not wish to control how other people eat. There is a motive that they are not telling you and you shouldn't put trust in people like that.
  10. this is 100% why I think posts on here asking for ana coaches should be banned like... it’s just asking for trouble
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  11. couldn't have said it better myself
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  12. I feel sick after reason the news post. No jail time? WTF
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  13. Unfortunately, there are many loopholes within the law, despite the fact that there is blatant evidence of the abuse of this young woman. I also feel her mental condition should be a factor in the case, seeing as she was clearly not entirely in her right mind and therefore cannot fully give consent. This is an unfortunately commonplace incident involving the intentional exploitation of young women suffering from a pre-existing insecurity frequently coupled with various mental illnesses.
  14. In light of this, we should consider getting rid of the real-world meetups board.
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  15. this is terrible it's so scary and my heart is broken, thank you for talking about this. the world rly is a fucked up place:/
  16. Creepy and disgusting.

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