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Stay safe.

Discussion in 'Rules & Announcements' started by anamanaguchi, May 7, 2019.

  1. i agree i might not be on here every single day but i have a server on discord right and we literally have each other's backs, someone bleached their hair and the job wasn't done right so another member offered them a way to get the product that will help and plenty of times the group offered to send me money when i didn't have it to get to school or work

    like yea it's not the greatest thing to talk to people especially with social anxiety but like you're right if we stick together it might be easy to spot out anybody who's suspicious (like obviously not always but it might be easier)
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  2. guys if you see something suspicious i would say something to one of the mods/anamanguchi like some people are saying, if your gut tells you something, go with it
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  3. Yeah this was mpa1.
    The shittiest part ab it is i read the thread she wrote when she got home and half of the ppl on mpa1 didnt believe her
    Then the news came out and its so shitty that happened.
    I feel hella bad for her. This whole situation hurts so bad
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  4. This breaks my heart... There is always someone ready to take advantage of others (and their vulnerability).
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  5. Gods, I remember when this happened. HE ISNT SERVING TIME????
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  6. There are people who get some perverse fetishist pleasure out of "coaching."

    Sad, sick, and at my worst, I went along with it for a desperate means of accountability.

    Until they found out (read the profile...duh) I wasn't a woman. Then, the true nature came out.

    They don't care who you are, or how they hurt you. They are twisted.
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  7. Taking advantage of vulnerable people like that is sick and disgusting
  8. god this whole thing makes me so sad and angry and the fact the he got away with just probation for torturing this girl is fucking outrageous.
  9. Jesus Christ. :( I can't even be mad because I just feel so terrible for her. I just wish someone could have helped her.

    I think the reason people even start looking for a coach or something is because they do not feel home enough in our communities. So they look for something more personal.

    If anything, this is a call to action for us. Yes we come here for support, but we cannot ignore that we also need to check in on and support each other. FREQUENTLY.

    <3 Love each other guys.
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  10. God, I really shouldn't have read this article...
    I'm so sorry for this girl. I can't even imagine how she felt, but as someone who came from a physically abusive home, I can tell it wasn't simply 13 months of panic, but eternal desperation at every second.
  11. Some people are just sick - online, offline, everywhere. Theres no way to know if someone is a safe person or not anymore.

    I've been abused by someone who 'loved' me. Offline. Not sure what to say really, it is never wise to give out intimate details online. That being said, it was good that she had an online means of sending a photo to show where she was so she could be found. Otherwise she may not be here right now.
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