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Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by lulu, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. I keep having bagel cravings. I need help. If anyone has any substitutes, I would appreciate that. Please post other substitutes for things if you have any.
  2. Idk where you're from but in UK supermarkets they sell bagel thins. Basically just a skinny bagel. Haven't had them in a while but I think they're about 140kcal for the whole thing?

    That's the only bagel like thing I could find.
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  3. Are bagels really high in calories? Last time I had one was before my relaspe so I always assumed they were decent. I can't think of an alternative to them off the top of my head right now, and I may edit in one later, but if you're having hardcore cravings for it and it's not, like, 500 cal for one then you should just go for it. I say that only because it's the best way you can avoid binging on them or something higher in carbs that's simultaneously higher in calories as well later on.

    To be honest, you could put cream cheese on there and although cream cheese gets a bad rep because of how misunderstood it is, that's really just a 45 calorie 1 tbsp topping. Or you could even dip it in an egg, 1/4 cup of unsweetened milk, add some sweetener, put it in a pan, heat it up, top it with some Halo Top or other low cal ice cream of your choice and bam! Instantanteous mock-french toast that will actually fill you up and satiate you to the point of making the bagle craving go away. Something to that effect.

    Edit: actually, there's this bread thing pretty similar to bagels called Nooks and Crannies, iirc. I think they range from 50 to maybe 100 calories but they also have diet ones and it's kind of decent. You can give that a shot, I suppose.
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  4. You can make an oat fiber bagel!

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  5. I don't actually know the calorie count but english muffins maybe? I know they're smaller I haven't done any real research on the actual nutrition facts but they seem to me like they're safer and would work as an alternative.
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  6. Try mini bagels their about 110 each
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  7. skinnytaste Greek yogurt bagel

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  8. Defo cloudbread[​IMG]

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  9. I never leave the house without

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  10. But are you craving the actual bagel, or what you put on it?
  11. To be entirely honest I'd just get a bagel. They sell low-calorie and miniature versions at really any grocery store. This isn't my picture, just an example of one option. Then of course regular old cream cheese isn't high in calories, and even with that I'm sure they sell a low-fat version which is less cals.
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  12. Thank you! I'm going to try to find mini-bagels next time that I go shopping.
  13. THIS ^^
  14. if u want a bagel, eat a bagel! The brand I buy is Franz and their everything bagels are vegan and only 230 cals which is pretty good for a bagel and totally worth it if I'm really craving one
  15. bagel thins for the win. 110 cals.