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thats not how lesbians work JAN

Discussion in 'LGBTQ+' started by Gayteenager, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. When straight girls think you’re creepy just for existing in a girl’s only environment.
    - justlesbianthings​
  2. I was nervous to tell my college roommate I was a lesbian. In fact, I never did. She moved out after like three weeks. Maybe she was getting gay girl vibes.
  3. [​IMG]
    Im tired of your shit, JAN!
  4. If you're roomed with a stranger, shouldn't you be wearing pants to bed anyway...? Like as a courtesy to THEIR modesty?
  5. I wish I had that self esteem. People seem to think we're going to be super attracted to them just because we like other humans with the same gender... sighs
  6. I don't see the problem? I'm a lesbian and I wouldn't mind my roommate wearing pants or not. It's their room and they should sleep comfortably. We shouldn't sexualize other people's body without their consent anyway. It's literally just another human body wearing underwear. What is the big deal?
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  7. I'm not even a lesbian but..

    These are the same straight girls that wear the equivalent of lingerie to frat parties in an attempt to get Chad from Apple Pie Delta's attention like it's not gross the way he tells them he's going to impregnate them

    but yet it's gross to share a room with lesbian that has no interest in them.

  8. The problem is we don't know how the other person feels and it was implied the only time this person would put pants on is for a lesbian. But if you shared a room, wouldn't it just sort of be something you'd do for anyone you weren't close with until you knew it was cool? You might not mind my leg skin being exposed, but I don't know that.

    The lesbian bit is nothing to do with that. Why would you be so selfish is a shared living environment as to put your own comfort above your roommate?

    The way I see it, that's like busting in with the world's most smelly cheese and digging in day one because you just really like that cheese. Um, don't. You don't know that person, you haven't let them even adjust to you let alone brace themselves for that, and you know it is a point of contention.