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  1. Hello

    I was wondering if you guys have any "unpopular" (=less common than the stereotypical lettuce, tomatoes etc stuff) safe foods? I'm looking for some new items to change my menu plan :-)

    e.g. I saw sauerkraut in my local store (prepackaged), any of you have "experience" with this? I'm kinda curious how it tastes or how it is prepared.
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  2. Lunch meat haha. Obviously it won't be a thing if you're vegan but my thin-sliced ham is 15 cals per slice woo

    So I like sauerkraut but it's def not for everyone. It is sour tasting and kind of crunchy. It should be ready to eat out of the package, you dont have to do anything with it.
  3. Yes! I am in love with those kind of meat: ham, chicken filets, turkey slices ... !
  4. sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. I like it very much, it's high in vitamins and an awesome sidedish (warm) or also good as a salad (cold). How good it tastes and how "healthy" it is depends on the preparation, so check the label for added sugar and added fat.
  5. Oh if you are okay with meat, I also got these grilled chicken nuggets that are 110 cals for 6 of them. Yay protein. I am in the US but you can probably find something similar anyplace. (Although I basically just need these because I'm too lazy to prepare actual food... if you don't hate cooking, you can just make chicken breast and you probably don't need these lmao)

    I think if you can find some little sausages that are safe for you, that would be a good thing with the sauerkraut, since they are traditionally paired with like Polish dogs.
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    I fucking LOVE saurkraut. The saurkraut PR team lets it down so much, fam. People just go "Fermented cabbage? That's rotting, right? GROSS! IT SMELLS!" and pass over it. Really, it doesn't even smell bad, just strong, and, like, people love a lot of fermented foods without realizing they're just labeled "pickled" because fermenting is just a specific variety of pickling.

    I used to eat shiritaki noodles with saurkraut and baked river fish* when I was too lazy to properly cook the noodles because the flavor of saurkraut is strong enough to drown out the weirdness of the noodles and I could eat about a third of the fish I would have without it and save myself cals** over all.

    *Note: I literally don't know what kid of river fish it was, the store I went to to get it was just like "I don't know the English word, so let's just go with this" but it was a smaller fish and it was more hearty than traditional white fish varieties.

    **Also note: I would flash fry a batter on the fish, and then bake it in an oily sauce, delightful, but the cals on that was questionable and higher than normal. Also still have no idea what the fish was, so I'd just have a few nibbled and squirrel away the rest of it because I could literally not get a good cal count.
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  7. Sauerkraut is awesome but certain brands are mushier than others. If you like pickles, kimchi, hearts of palm, or shots of straight-up vinegar (like me) then you'll probably enjoy it.

    As far as less common safe foods go, I'm into packaged krab sticks and raw tofu. Also steamed shrimp doused in Old Bay. And popcorn with Worcestershire sauce and/or Sriracha.
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  8. In the same vein - kimchi - Korean spicy fermented cabbage. Probably my favourite food!
  9. I love:
    - sauerkraut
    - rice crackers
    - Popcorn
    - Leipniz cookies (the reduced in sugar one)
    - Little buns you have to bake in your oven
    - Couscous
    - Porridge
    - Camembert light
    - Dark chocolate
    - spinach
    - 0.1% yoghurt
  10. Omg Ive been craving chicken nuggets for so long, but here they are mostly round 250kcl /100gr
  11. I'm still in recovery and my safe food list has grown exponentially, but I love kimchee as always.
    Also vegan sausages (150 calories per link) found in the refrigerated organic aisle are fantastic with a little BBQ sauce on them!
    Get creative and hunt down interesting options. Naan bread minis are around 150 calories per piece and they are delicious and a little filling as part of a snack.
  12. Fruit!
    A lot of people with EDs are terrified of fruit because they are high in calorie for their portion size, but I find they give me instant energy and sugar so I rarely get a craving for sweets. Fruits *are* my sweets, lol. I'd rather binge on an apple than a piece of apple pie.
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  13. i did keto for a long time so bacon is pretty safe to me

    i know i can eat 2 slices for ~160 cals and the protein/fats will keep me full for a while.

    cheesesticks too but im a little worried dairy might be causing my eczema so im cutting back
  14. I looove sauerkraut! Definitely a distinct taste though. It's like the salt + vinegar version of regular cooked cabbage. That said, I just looked this up, and apparently it's literally just cabbage, salt, and water (so no vinegar to speak of haha).

    My weird safe food has always been french fries. They're the one thing that consistently makes me feel both full and stable in a single serving. Plus the calorie counts are rarely TOO catastrophic for a single cup of fries, and if I'm at a point where I'm dizzy and unfocused enough to need them in the first place, they're highly unlikely to push me over a maintenance amount of calories. Most places have them, so I know I can almost always grab some if I need them, which is comforting to know.
  15. I like Ultra Shakes/Ensure. I know they're really high in sugar and shit, but I like to replace my meals with them on days when I don't feel like eating actual food. The shakes I buy are 240 calories a bottle.
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  16. I don't have any unsafe/forbidden foods, but I definitely do have go-to restriction foods, let's call those my safe foods:
    Hard boiled eggs (my go-to when I can't be bothered to get any other food in me)
    Low Fat Jogurt
    Cottage Cheese
    Red lentils
    Carrots (same satisfaction as an apple for less sugar and fewer calories, whats not to love!)
    Spinach leaves
    Olive oil or whole olives (I mean, obviously carefully measured, but it really helps to keep me full much longer if I add a small amount of olive oil to my steamed vegetables, especially on days where I don't eat any meat, fish or eggs)
    Salmon. Best. fish. ever.
    Canned tuna
    Any white fish, I can't be bothered to learn all their names. I buy them as frozen filets
    Bananas (totally worth their calories!)
    Any lean meat like chicken or turkey (also turkey ham!)
    Dried fruits and nuts (again, carefully measured otherwise I totally go over maintenance calories)

    And I'm now adding back Sauerkraut to my menu, I kind of forgot how much I like it.
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  17. String Cheese
    grilled chicken
  18. kimchi, or other fermented vegetables.
    light string cheese (only 50cal per piece, and is a good protein source).

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  19. I love sauerkraut with a lot of caraway (it kinda lessens the laxative effect. and oh boy sauerkraut has a strong one)

    For me, it is potatoes and cheese. They are so filling that I really don't mind living off them
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  20. I love sauerkraut also pickle purple cabbage comes in a jar like relish. Any pickled vegetable will be ok though. Like this cauliflower and carrot pickled in the jar stuff is very low cal and tasty too unless you don’t like pickled stuff.

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