Unpopular safe foods

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  1. I don't know why but Sushi, I just love it so much its the one thing I eat, and eat a lot of, that doesn't make feel guilty and want to fast or purge
  2. god i wish that were me
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  3. Sandwiches - easy, cheap and filling! I can have two sandwiches for ~200cal. It's easy to save cals when you skip butter/mayo which, for some reason, everyone loves to slather all over bread...
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  4. Rice, rice, rice and fruits!
    My trick for making rice is measuring it by espresso cups.
    1 espresso cup is 30g, so cooked it's 90g which is around 100 calories.
  5. Bananas

    I have a feeling everyone is scared of bananas ;o;
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  6. If you like sauerkraut, it is really easy to make at home without a ton of tools too! It can be a little messy, but the process is really easy to learn. You can easily pick it up just watching tutorials on YouTube. Home fermented has the added benefit of being a probiotic.

    Anyway, my "weird" safe food lately has been fried cabbage. Idk. I fry it in actual fat, usually a tablespoon of butter. I cook it for 2-3 minutes on a medium high heat to get a little browning on one side, then turn the heat to medium low and walk away for ten minutes. It's my favorite thing in the world rn and a plateful of it is like 200 calories.
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  7. this is so accurate that it hurts XD
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  8. I love sugar snap peas idk the exact cal amount but they are so low I never feel bad about grabbing a handful. Of course grapes, I though like to freeze green grapes and eat them frozen as it takes longer to eat them like that. Rice crackers are also really good. Dried seaweed is good and the snack packs only have 25-50 calories. Also the brand blue diamond makes these Almond crackers that are 130cal for 16 of them and they are really filling I find.
  9. Love sauerkraut.Also try it in a "soup" with beef broth and carrots!
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  10. all the things - and none of the things

    stuff i love i have seen people complain about:
    whole milk
  11. Hummus is pretty safe for me. Although it has oil and sesame in it, it's pretty healthy, and it has a strong enough flavor that a little goes a long way. You can also use it as a salad dressing.

    You can make your own falafel in a nonstick pan with oil spray if you shape them into flat patties instead of balls. My recipe yields 2.5 inch diameter patties at under 100 calories each. They're nutritious and they have lots of fiber.

    Whole wheat matza is basically a giant cracker made from flour and water only. It's plain tasting, but it's filling and you get an 8 inch square cracker for 100 calories.
  12. hummus with carrots
    dark chocolate with nuts
  13. I'm a real slut for everything pickled haha
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  14. I love sauerkraut and kimchi!

    Other unpopular safe foods:
    - Hummus
    - Brown rice - my ultimate safe food! I eat it almost every day with beans or some kind of Gardein meatballs (also safe foods)
    - Avocado
    - Vegan chocolate - the outrageously expensive and dark kind from places like Whole Foods bc it's so rich that I can't eat too much
    - Salty soups - like Amy's kitchen/vegan boxed soup/miso. While the sodium will increase bloating, I find that it really staves off the light-headed and weak feeling, which I need bc werk schedule
    - A small piece of super extra sharp aged cheese - this shit literally idk so creamy and good with egg and egg white omelette and low cal too if you measure
    - Chex mix - again with the salty
    - Sweet potato
    - Frozen strawberries/fruit in general
    • sauer kraut
    • leibniz
    • marshmallows
    • potato (baked boiled. not fried that shit take oil like a spomge)
    • rice is really not that bad if you dont cook in butter
    • bugles are 130 calories for a cup why does no one talk about them
  15. Potatoes, just

    P o t a t o e s.

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  16. Almonds
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