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Very bad bone pain (Vitamin Deficiencies)

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by XxSkinnyPandaxX, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. This probably should have went in
    a different forum sorry but I figured I'd get responses quicker here.

    So my ED has blessed me with all sorts of issues but the number one issue it's given me is low vitamin D and Calcium.
    We're talking about have some serious bone issues over here.
    I know I know, I need to take a vitamin but for now I can't because the ones my mom bought me I can't swallow and also those ones have very low calcium and vitamin D (we're talking like 4% of the daily amount you need) so I will pick up some gummy calcium ones soon, and a multivitamin but it might be a week because I live 20 miles out of town and we currentlt have a 40mph wind and blizzard storm with 1.5 feet of damn snow. So we won't be driving for a bit but does anyone know how to manage the pain? I'm oddly scared of pain killers and
    I can't take those everyday because they'll damage your liver or something?
    Would some pillows help?
    Basically it's in my hips and back and
    I'm not sure if extra pillows might help or what might help but the pain is absolutely unbearable.
    I will mention I'm in the middle of a normal BMI so it's not that my bones are sticking out and it hurts because of the mattress or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated it just hurts so bad

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  2. If it's because of nutritional deficiencies then I don't think a pillow would do anything... Honestly, pain killers might not even help, though they are safe to take in reasonable doses.

    For now, try to eat calcium and vitamin D rich food as much as possible. When it comes to pain caused by a deficiency, the only solution is to treat the deficiency.
  3. I agree on just treating the issue. Be patient because it won't totally go away quickly.

    You could try epsom salt baths maybe. It is a pill free way to treat body soreness. Maybe it will help. If not...well, you just took a relaxing bath. lol
    Hope you feel better soon!
  4. hi there yes this hurts a lot.. my bones starting to hurt only when i think about what you where going through...

    sometimes when i couldnt swallow pills i found drops very helpfull cause i can pretend its not a medicine... my medications in
    drop form are put together with flavour drops so i just put them in when i flavor almond milk or such alike..

    maybe this can help you too i mean drops ? and what i suggest you to look at is vitamin k2 vitamin d2 and calcium relationship
    cause it seems like the vitamin k2 is needed to transport the calciummolecule where it supposed to be in the bones and theeth.

    i hope you feel better soon and have a nice weekend anyway besides the pain.
    try not to use painkillers they are safe in reasonable amounts but your kidneys and liver are probably not in the best shape as they should be.

    a hot long bath can also help you relax and forget a little bit about the pain
  5. I can relate with being at a normal bmi (20) and feeling like hell... not because of my bones... but anyway..it's horrible.

    About your question..hmm..until you get those vitamins ..I suggest you to limit phisical activity and try eating foods that naturally contain calcium.. I heard that calcium is better absorbed from there. Pretty important....no more undereating/skipping meals..or any kind of disordered behaviours.. I know ...not very pleasant to hear that..

    Painkillers..only if you can't resist without...it's just a temporary solution..until you adress the main issue. Maybe it would be good to see a doctor..to check your bones health ..it could be the beginning of osteopenia/osteoporosis.. maybe the doctor could help you...
    Good luck !
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  6. I have really bad chronic bone pain, especially around my hips and lower back. Pillows help to an extent when you sleep. A pillow or folded pillow if it’s thinner between your knees or thighs with your hips at slightly more of a forward angle than the rest of your body. And if you can’t get your hands on vitamins you need right now. You could always try to break the ones you have in half and take it in pieces or grind it up and add it to yoghurt or something. I feel you, though. Ever since I got clean, pills suddenly became virtually impossible for me to take without pain or gagging at even the thought.

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  7. could be osteopenia. this is a serious, and i think permanent condition. it's the precursor to osteoporosis. you should get a bone density scan, and maybe start taking calcium and vitamin d supplements.
  8. pain killers like advil (acetaminophen) are ok to take every day on the order of months, but the liver damage happens from taking them like multiple times a day for years. A chest pain issue I have requires advil at least once a day, and this is about month 2? 3? of taking it and my doctor says it's fine (surgery planned in near future so it's not going to be a 'for a life time' daily dose').

    As for the calcium, there is a risk of getting constipation related issues from lots of calcium. In which case, spreading out the dose (like take half a gummy twice a day) can help alleviate it. Other minerals (specifically zinc, iron, and copper) can prevent calcium absorption, so if you take other supplements, don't take it at the same time as the calcium one.

    Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so a fat free diet can limit its effectiveness. Some similar Vitamin D replacement therapy includes a "happy light" with skin exposure. This works by activating the vitamin D in your body in your skin cells. In most people, 10 minutes of strong sunlight a day with arms/face exposed produces the day's requirement of Vitamin D.

    Another important thing to help rebuild your calcium stores is light exercise. The small amount of stress from walking (like 30 to 45 min moderate pace) causes the bones to release specific hormones. Those hormones tell the intestines to absorb more calcium (otherwise, the normal blood calcium level will be a strong deterrent for restorative calcium absorption). With the now elevated calcium circulating in the blood, the excess calcium is then deposited back into the bones. The only reminder is not to go overboard with the exercise: weak bones can become damaged with stress fractures much easier.

    Bottom line: acetaminophen (advil) daily is ok for this, take calcium alone without other minerals, and light exercise will help repair the thinned bones.
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  9. I have the mildest form of osteoporosis in my lower back but I am lucky to not have any pain, at least yet

    Diet heavy in the obvious; calcium, vit D, vit K2, magnesium and strength training will help a lot
  10. They taste bad, but if you can't swallow them just chew them. Get a big glass of water to drink while you munch and make sure you wash down all the residue. Ignoring it for another week is just going to make it that much worse.