what’s the ED mood of the day

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  1. my eating disorder mood of the day is nearly missing the bus to meet someone for coffee because i was too busy looking at the starbucks nutritionals on my phone

    what’s yours?
  2. I want to put off taking my pills bc i want to fast and it feels weird fasting on my antipsychotics

    Ima fucking crazy person
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    Buying 2 big ass bags of gum at the candy store because I was hungry but I don't want to eat.

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  4. Excited about going out with friends because I can't eat all day since I spent all my money.
  5. exhausted from purging too much, ick
  6. mood of the day is closing my eyes during the food scenes of mamma mia: here we go again in the cinema because i’m water fasting
  7. twitching like a meth user from a cup of green tea is today’s mood:upside_down:
  8. Almost puking when taking pills on an empty stomach

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  9. 'can't wait for today to be over' kind of mood because I still need at least 4-5k steps, I've already had dinner and I can't wait to eat breakfast tomorrow morning :/

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  10. Last night's mini binge left me with early lax and highest blood sugars I can remember being conscious for at 4am. Going to be a great day.
    I have no Idea what the doctors will do/say once they see those sugar reading, I'm fucked.
  11. Buying binge food and then failing miserably at purging it because I was taking too long in the bathroom (thanks, gag reflex) and I didn't want my coworkers getting suspicious.
  12. Mood is teetering on the edge of wanting to stuff my face full of all the foods but my self hatred and fear of weight gain slightly winning for now.
  13. Mood is hangry af waiting for the g*dd*mn grocery store to deliver my g*dd*mn groceries so that I can have my one solid meal of the day.
  14. Mood: I'm crazy af, i have the perfect excuse to binge wtv i want 'cause tomorrow i have to get some blood test and i'd never felt less hungry, actually is 5:38 pm and i just ate 446 cals and idk, i HAVE to, just to be safe...but meh, i hate to being pressured to do things...
  15. Mood of the day: Sketchy af from taking my meds on an empty stomach. Almost had a panic attack in the grocery store. WTF? is probably a more accurate mood of the day.
  16. post-binge depression
  17. 2 skeert 2 eat = coffee will keep me from dYiNG rIGHt
  18. ED mood of the day: angsty butterfly in head to toe black gym gear

    don't like my excessive cardio and lack of weight training?
    my body, my rules.
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  19. Waking up at 4:45 to walk my 2.6 miles and then walking again in 95 degree heat so I can get my steps in. I usually do this but I’m also sick.

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    how many calories in a juul pod