what’s the ED mood of the day

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  1. [​IMG]

    That hunger headache.
  2. Can't even get out of bed to drink water, ffs. this-is-fine.0.jpg
  3. opened the door to get my mcdonald’s binge from doordash looking like absolute bloated shit and of course the delivery guy is super hot. Can I Die Yet

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  4. I want to eat a box of cereal
  5. I feel strangely positive about my weight today. My body looks like it's starting to change a bit and I feel like I'm actually losing some real weight instead of water. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts because I'm probably going to hate myself again tomorrow lol.
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  7. Stomach hurts no point in food even if I wanted it
  8. Honestly way too excited bout this lax lol
    But it's been a couple weeks and i just know how it's going to relieve my anxiety and make me feel good and i NEED that shit right now
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  9. I just looooove green tea :emoji_tea::emoji_tongue:

    Spoiler alert: I fucking don't.
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  10. I want to eat my feelings.
  11. finally being at a certain weight again and the binge urges chime in... great
  12. I so feel this. Whenever I get close to 80 kg my brain just shuts down and the urge to binge sets in. Not this time though...not this time!!

    Yeah me to usually...but currently restriction is numbing all the pain so there are no feelings to eat!
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  13. I am winning at life; I have worked out and IF for 10 days in a row causing me to lose 5.8lb so far.
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  14. My boyfriend is driving to his parents from Wednesday till Thursday and I'm already panicking about having a binge. Whenever he goes away I feel the need the binge just because I'm home alone so have the opportunity to do so. But I have been restricting so well the last few days I really don't want to fuck this up.
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  15. Mood. Happy pancakes day, fellow pancake addicts ;) [​IMG]
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  16. Waking up early to go for a run before work but just sitting around instead
  17. “Fuck man I’m tired and I can’t eat until around 6:30-7:00 but idc it’s worth it I gotta lose some fucking weight right fucking now or I WILL lose my shit :)”
    (I won’t be able to eat until 7:00 ish because I want to save my cals until my family has king cake and red beans for Mardi Gras) I have to eat though because my dad made vegetarian red beans just for me and it would be weird if I didn’t eat them or the king cake so I just gotta suck it up and have small portions and not binge lmao :)
  18. I feel the same way!
    My boyfriend is away Friday until Sunday and I am worried I will binge because I’m on my own, I’m hoping instead I will restrict lower...but who knows
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  19. I’m sick and dehydrated and probably need a glass of water and a pot of coffee. But I haven’t weighed myself today and it’s too cold to get undressed to step on the scale.

    I could just not weigh myself today. But who am I kidding.
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  20. Procrastination. I should be working, yet here I am. But at least I am drinking water, so that's a positive!