what’s the ED mood of the day

Discussion in 'ED General' started by 02MLM, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. >eats a solid breakfast when I could've skipped it
    >feels guilty
    >has to resist the urge to purge because I'm ~ working on being better now~
  2. Trying to convince myself that baby puffs are so delicious! because they're low-calorie (even though they taste like faintly carrot-scented foam packing peanuts):

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  3. bump maybe? I love reading this thread
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  4. Self: I have the flu...
    BDD: o shit FAM feel like dat bloaty bloat setting in let's binge and purge all night to feel normal again
    Self: why doh
  5. yeah but are you going to share this or? In other words I want some please
  6. Binging yesterday on one and a half pizzas, and then getting absolutely disgusted by myself so I put dish soap on the rest to prevent me from finishing it... [​IMG]

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  7. Today’s mood is “one whole week of low restriction and no binging!! Wait, why am I having heart palpitations?”
  8. Christ, that was two weeks ago. It’s long gone already.
  9. the "ill cut off sugar completely, but i need to binge all the sugar shit that i have in my room before i do that" mood

    so now im just eating all the cookies and chocolate that i can find lmao
  10. licking the salt off ritz crackers
  11. i had gin and my vitamin pill - i don't need dinner fool
  12. Solving all my life's problems by b/p, and in the process creating other, completely different problems, so I can focus on those and not have to face the real problems that I should be solving instead of obsessing about the issues with food that I am creating for myself.

    Also wondering what I am doing here on Pancake, since I'm too far out of the demographic and don't fit in.
  13. Me either yet here I am floating around in a chatroom full of equally alone individuals who probably feel similar.
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  14. Fuck, what the hell did I do tonight....... That was the worst purge of my life hands down.

    Bread, they do not lie @_@;
  15. Almost passing out buying safe soup running on less than 500 calories and 3 cups fluid because I'm actually fucking stupid
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  16. tfw 'plans are made to go out this weekend'
    -press for location
    -panic about uncertain menu options
    -focus energy on omad
    -snap at anyone who offers you food
    -pretend to have a good time while agonizing over intake
  17. Are my eyes fucking with me or is that pizza bright neon green?
  18. Trying to decide what to eat for dinner. I have been thinking for like an hour. I only have room for one meal but I am craving so many different things. A wrap? A salad with rice? The small frozen pizza sitting in my freezer?

    These dilemmas never end well...