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What anorexia thought are you having at the minute?

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by Oddsock, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. As the title says. I will start. Wish I didn't eat earlier. Could of been lighter tomorrow.
  2. I haven’t felt the lightness of restricting in a while and it makes me sad.
  3. Why in the name of god did I think upping my intake was a good idea
  4. I sometimes wonder this.
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  5. well i was going to write my thoughts but damn you did it for me
  6. I miss feeling light and empty. Currently doing high restriction.

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  7. I've been restricting so hard why the heckie am I not losing weight
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  8. I'm dumb for high restricting today, a smaller number on the scale tomorrow morning is worth more than a good grade on my exam
  9. I bought a new scale after weeks of not weighing myself. Now I'm really upset I haven't made much progress.
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  10. Mine ran out of battery a few months back. Also worried if I weight I will be so much bigger. Probably why I don't have one now.
  11. Relapse is avoidable but not uncomfortable.
  12. I want coffee ;-; (not really anorexic but still. Coffeeeee)

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  13. Nothing wrong with coffee and my s/o just made me one :D
  14. Oo! How do you have your coffee? If i can stomache it, I'll have it black but usually i have iced coffees even though they take up like 1/4th of my intake

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  15. I have eaten way too much today, should be fasting for a month (eats again)
  16. sugar and milk in mine. It's needed as I clearly ain't sweet enough :)
  17. You're plenty sweet!

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  18. I try too be.
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  19. I just told a friend I did light exercise, and they said, "By 'light exercise' do you mean a walk to the kitchen? Haha"

    So now I'm thinking of purging the apple I ate for lunch and picking up laxatives to start another fast. ugh. idk.
  20. Ah what an asshole.