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What anorexia thought are you having at the minute?

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by Oddsock, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. anyone who says “starving yourself isn’t an effective way to lose weight!!” has probably never starved themselves

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  2. I hope I don't pass out restricting this much, because that would mean I need to eat more food to function, plus who knows what the people around me when it happens would do.

    pretty much that, because I came soo fucking close to passing out like an hour ago, and I've been on my most restrictive diet in a long time the past couple days + today.
  3. I’m so fucking fat and I wanna od on laxatives

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  4. Did they ever find out what the illness was? Sucks that. Mine thankfully hasn't switched anyway. I would of hated that. I just struggle more to push myself to eat and stay in recovery. My s/o is worried about it. But I think it's just down to the uncertainty that's causing it. I do need to get my blood's done as I'm back restricting to 400 most days. And I felt like shit yesterday.
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  6. "Oh man, that protein bar I just ate had 137 kcals. I'm an absolute idiot."

    Also: "How the heck do I not lose weight?! I barely ate anything in the last three weeks!"
  7. It's snowing pretty hard, so we may get off work early today.

    AN Thought: If I leave at around lunchtime, do I just put my lunch in the fridge and save it for tomorrow?
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  8. Had to phone to get my blood's done. So have an appointment with the nurse on Friday for it. Felt like shit the other day so I wanted to get it done. Better safe than sorry.
  9. Probably what I have done where my mind wasn't really in recovery but I still gave it a go. I gained weight only to lose it later on.
  10. Happy Valentines Day! or as I refer to it: Chocolate Avoidance Day.
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  11. Boy did I worry when I couldn't get on. Glad it's still up.
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  13. you don't need that 3rd glass of white wine.. i know you aren't eating much.. but you can survive on water you fat arse..
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  14. Fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat

    Yeah, it was cancer - non hodgkins lymphoma. She was admitted with difficulty breathing when lying down flat, which was discovered at another hospital when she had gone to have a cataract removed.

    They treated her for something else first. Then worked it out. She had had one round of chemo, though they were still waiting for her labs to come back so that they could be more targeted when she died of a heart attack.

    So she went in to get her eyes done and then never came out again....
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  15. Thinspo. Suck up all the thinspo you fucking pathetic fat shit.
  16. Wow that sucks. Sorry for your loss.
  17. Thank you.

    Mother - daughter relationships are often complicated and ours was no different.

    For reasons i won't go into, i stopped talking to her the year before and put that aside when she got ill, thinking we'd hash it out when she was better. But as she never got better... She died without us having sorted out the issue so I really do have some complex feelings around her passing, which I think are making it harder for me to move on. :(