Trigger Warning What body part would you most like to change?

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  1. hi! so i'm not technically overweight, but i was very close to it last year at my highest. i am a fellow tall girl, and i have stretch marks on my knees as well. i think i have had them since i was 14 because i had such a sudden growth spurt.

    if i had to change one thing about myself it would probably be my knees as well. even when i was underweight (bmi 16) my knees weren't particularly bony or anything; i still had some skin there and stretch marks, obviously. i've considered getting tattoos to cover them.

    also, this isn't really a body part ig but i want to change my jawline. i dont like the shape of my face, and even when i was underweight i still wasn't satisfied with it.
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  2. My face. I wish it was less round. I'd pass as male better with a not so fat face.
  3. I would change my skeletal structure so that it was smaller. I'm a pretty small person, even at my heaviest, but I've seen girls with really small bone structures (when they were at normal weights), and I would die for that. Idk, maybe I have it but body dysmorphia, because sometimes I think I sorta have small bones, but then I'm like, lol, psych
  4. My stomach. When I gained weight it all went to my stomach and chest. I can live with my thighs cause I could have a nice hourglass shape with how small my waist is but like my stomach is just so pudgy.
  5. Skin, I've suffered of acne for more than 8 years now. No medicine or topical cream cured it, just improved temporarily. I just want clear skin
  6. My face. Sometimes I think I'm gorgeous and other times I think I'm hideous. It would be nice to be undeniably pretty and symmetrical. Then when being thin would mean being good looking. Not thin with a gross face.
  7. Before all the rest, I feel ashamed of my skin and have always envied people with smooth skin. Body shape can change, but the skin doesn't improve with weight loss (only gets even worse with it and age ). With a rather extreme case of keratosis pilaris, it has always been very dry, rough and looking unhealthy/dirty. Unpleasant to touch. Plus it ages fast, so being bad to begin with it only has gone and will go downhill from there, never up again.
    It's depressing that even at a perfect weight I would still feel the need to cover myself up. :emoji_disappointed_relieved:
  8. ugh hips and thighs. They make me so uncomfortable.
  9. honestly the only thing I would like to have changed magically is my body hair. being a dark haired woman with a lot of body hair really is no fun at all. I would have to shave my legs twice a day if I wanted them to stay smooth. Epilation gives me a terrible rash and ingrown hair and any type of waxing/sugaring doesn't work very well on me. I would laser it off in a heartbeat but it's not really recommended for dark skinned people to do those laser treatments because the darker skin absorbs much more of the laser power than lighter skin would...
    Everything else about my body is either ok (like my overall bone structure etc) or within my abilities to change (like my weight).
  10. Does the brain count?
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  11. my waist omggggg i would be so cute if my waist was snatched

    also my semi-double chin bye -_-
  12. I'd pick that too!
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  13. the whole thing. just get rid of it.
  14. my stomach because that's where all my fat goes and it makes me look grossss
  15. thighs..too big..
  16. Is my brain an option? Be one of those serene, bored of food types who stays skinny without thinking about it.
  17. Non weight related:
    #1 My eyes (they don't point the same direction so basically I'd still be hideous even with a perfect body) I'm hoping to look into having that fixed someday if possible
    #2 I have bunions on both feet, I can live with the ugliness but it's very difficult to buy shoes, nothing fits. Wide width only helps a little. They can be surgically removed but my SIL has had that done and they came back.
    #3 Skin texture from years of acne

    Weight related:
    THIGHS. Bitch got major saddlebags.
  18. My stomach and my arms are BY FAR the worst parts of me. My legs are actually pretty strong and have a decent amount of tone for being a bit chubby. My legs have always been a lot smaller than the rest of me though, I hate it. My belly hangs out too far and is always so bloated and my arms are flabby sacks of SHOT
  19. My legs, especially thighs. I feel like an elephant >_<" And also my (double) chin...