What do you do while pacing?

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  1. Hi guys, I can never seem to find much to do when pacing so I almost never pace. But I really want to begin since I’ve realized how many calories walking can burn, and also it might help me have more of a mental balance when I eat.

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  2. I pace a lot, mainly while studying (sitting gets boring), and when I don't have anything to study I just watch tv shows or youtube..
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  3. I find it difficult to read while pacing especially if you’re carrying a big textbook. :( what do you normally read?

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  4. Anything audio: listening to podcasts, audiobooks, audio methods for learning languages (or just recordings of material in target language), studying anything through an audio method... are great for pacing.
    I try reading sometimes (at home only) but it doesn't work very well, I cannot do it for long, what happens is I will stop and just read standing.
    I do some arm/dumbbell exercises when pacing at home sometimes too, but same, I cannot do it for very long.
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  5. That’s cool. I’ve tried audiobooks before but haven’t had success. I’m a visual learner and find it hard to learn through just audio. But I’d still try. Do you have some favorite podcasts or books you would suggest?

    And I agree with you. I would stop and read instead of pacing.

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  6. I only very occasionally pace, when I do I sing and/or dance.
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  7. Audiobooks and music mostly. If I'm pacing outside I used to do a lot of Pokemon Go but not done that in a little while and sometimes I take photos. Inside I kinda just do laps whilst listening to youtube or music whilst cooking. Inside it often ends up something more akin to walk-dancing, lol.
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  8. I pase so much! I watch YouTube or tv on my phone
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  9. I usually listen to a podcast or watch a youtube video. I pace all the timeee so I try to be as productive as possible while pacing lol
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  10. I usually listen to scary stories, read on my phone, play games whilst on my phone (like Mario Run! I'm competitive so i can walk and play for hours). That's all I go

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  11. netflix lol

    or scroll through mpa
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  12. I'll read or listen to music while I pace. If it's nice outside, I also like to just go outside and take a walk, and then you have pretty scenery to look at and entertain you.
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  13. Watch kpop vids

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    For me it’s more like when pacing because I’m doing like when I’m on the phone I pace for the whole length of the call . Waiting for anyone or a train or bus too. I pace alot. Cant help it.

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  15. Listen to music or podcasts & watch YouTube videos
  16. Pacing = walking?

    How tf do some of you guys watch netflix, study etc. while walking out in the public?
  17. I pace for 3 hours every morning to reach my 18k step goal. As for what I do, well... I'm pacing now, so there you go lol.

    Basically, I just browse the internet and have some show or youtube playing on the TV in the background.
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  18. Like walking back and forth.

    I usually do it in my living room, but I suppose you can do it outside if youre in an area where there's nothing to obstruct your path
  19. I almost always listen to music but listening to podcasts can be really nice too just to mix it up a bit! This reminds me that I need to get back into WTNV!!
  20. Sometimes I'll put on music and get lost in my own little world, lol. It clears my head.

    Otherwise, I'll read. I won't grab any heavy books, I'll usually grab one of my paperback books and read. Or my composition notebook to study Korean.

    And sometimes, I'll watch YouTube on my laptop (it folds into a tablet lmao) if I want to pace but keep getting distracted. It's a bit awkward, and it'll hurt my arms after a while, but it works to keep me moving if I'm watching something.
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