What do you do while pacing?

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  1. I listen to music while I pace, calms me down
  2. I usually watch shows about fat people and fuck around on my phone.
  3. Wow! That’s a lot of dedication.

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  4. Sing, listen to music, or just.. think.
  5. Sing! Or just listen to music sometimes, but typically I prefer to go for actual walks around my neighbourhood when I do that. I also used to read.
  6. I usually listen to music (provided I'm indoors), because, when I hear music, it makes me want to dance, which, hopefully, burns more calories.

    When I'm outside, I take in the scenery, and just try to ignore the fact that I'm aimlessly pacing around simply to burn calories :emoji_laughing:
  7. I listen to music. Putting on an album I love can keep me occupied for at least an hour. Podcasts are also something I've been getting into more and more too.

    It's also sometimes just better to go outside and take a walk if the weather permits and it's an appropriate time of day.
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  8. my house goes in a circle so I pace there, drives everyone crazy lmao. I usually play candy crush (ik ik I lose brain cells every time), or watch netflix or something on my phone. I have the kindle app so sometimes I read. audiobooks just don't do it for me, but if you can process sound better than me, go for it.
  9. I have recently taken up pacing. I love to just listen to music or watch youtube out of the corner of my eye. All I really do is just listen to it anyways.
  10. If you're home alone you can blast some music and sing while doing it. I do that sometimes and it also helps lift my mood if it's good music.
  11. I’m more of a cleaner than a pacer
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  12. I sing lol. Or I read stories out loud in Japanese/Korean for reading and speaking practice. Most often I just watch YouTube or listen to music and think about life.
  13. Flit between the same four apps for as long as physically possible. Only so many pictures of babies one can take!
  14. i read on my phone

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  15. I pace around my room while watching SSvsSS or My 600 Lb Life lol
  16. If I'm in my room, listen to music or leave youtube or a film running on my desk. If I'm out, just music. Would read but then I can't see where I'm going, so audiobooks are sort of fun. Also tidying.
  17. I clean listening to music
  18. Play animal crossing pocket camp yeet
  19. I pace alll the time and mostly it's just me listening to music and daydreaming. Sometimes I'll mime entire performances, whether it be classical, rock, or pop music. I'm quite the performer in secret, haha

    (Plus, some killer air guitar/cello/violin/drums can burn some extra calories! My arms usually ache after a good session haha)