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what was most surprising for you about recovery?

Discussion in 'Recovery' started by sweetpeach, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. im considering it in the next several months and i was curious!
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  2. That it made me not want to really recover lol. So I gained weight to what I felt comfortable with. Now I'm losing it again.

    Also what surprised me is the fact I still ended up staying on here. God knows how I would of coped if I wasn't.
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  3. Two things: 1) how much energy I had once I was eating normally, and 2) how much of an appetite I had!! Seriously, I was worried I was pregnant for several months because it felt like I needed to eat all the time. Others reassured me that being hungry after three hours is normal. Still kinda feels wrong and weird sometimes but I'm trying to listen to my body's cues as much as possible.
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  4. That it's kind of a long-term thing and that sometimes relapses happen, but that's ok! The past year was great up until about five months ago where some big changes caused me to slowly slip into bad habits. Two days ago it finally hit me when I realized that all of the small slips added up into one bigger slip! I'm already feeling so much better, even though I have to go through some unfortunate side effects again (extreme hunger, bloating, etc). :) That good feeling makes it worth it. Best of luck to you <3
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