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what's the lowest you've ever restricted?

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by sweetpeach, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. 0-100 cal a day is my lowest! what's yours?
  2. Same but mostly I do restrict to no food and only drink coffee.
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  3. ^this two coffees and a bunch of water. Possibly half of the zero everything energy drink BANG lol
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  4. I used to try fasting a lot. Other than that, I think the lowest is either 300 or 400, and usually because of some silly diet. If I'm just making a random limit for myself to have every day, it's usually 500-700. I can never really keep that up for long though.
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  5. Consistently? Something like 200-300 calories a day.
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  6. 452 cals in a day, but I slept most of that day so.
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  7. my lowest restrict (not fasting) week was having like 100-600 calories every 36 hours. I'd have like a piece of fruit or a piece of dessert every other day, then continue to be a depressed turtle in bed.
  8. i think around 200? that was when i had a virus a few months ago and i couldn't eat at all until the evening when i ate a ham sandwich lmao

    mumbled from beneath a blanket
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  9. the lowest i've done was like just under 100 calories a day
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  10. The lowest I've maintained was 300 a day with 1500 weekly limit which I did for 5 months, but that was when I was at a higher weight. 350 is my lowest (and standard) now I'm smaller which I think is a very different category honestly.
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  11. From late August 2015 until February 23, 2016, I ate just barely 250-300 calories a day, if anything at all between purging and fasting. It might not sound too bad if you're used to low restriction... but this was honestly the darkest time of my life.
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  12. Besides fasting, on days I actually ate, 500 or lower. And I always burned at least 500 off at the gym doing 2-3 hour cardio/weight lifting combo workouts. So I usually had a net of between 0 to -200. Besides the help of caffeine pills, I have no idea how I did that for months and didn't die.
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  13. Under 150 for a month once
    never gone that low since than
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  14. I did 500 calories a day for about 3 months at one point. I also fasted a lot and worked out during this time. How I managed that is beyond me and I never want to go back there because both my mental and physical health was the worst it's ever been, I was miserable.
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  15. Besides fasting, the lowest I’ve been able to go on for a few weeks was 200-300 calories
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  16. 0 - 180 when I was liquid fasting.

    Longest time I went was 9 days
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  17. probably like 300-400 kcal in a day, though when I was smoking meth I could easily go a week on like 400, but that's just meth for you so I don't count it, and trust me, for anyone who that made them consider starting the jenny crank diet, IT'S REALLY NOT WORTH IT!!!!!
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  18. 739 haha I suck

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  19. everyone’s battle is different. that’s still less than an infant needs. <3
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  20. 300 kcals for me, but I actually always got around 150 daily during my worst times.
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